Hajj Abbas Samali

The longest Serving University Coordinator in the Islamic University In Uganda University, since 2006.

About the Office

The office of the University Coordinator is responsible for the welfare of students and, in particular their accommodation, feeding, health, general discipline and recreation. In that regard the Coordinator's office is the first reference point in the students' day-to-day interaction with the University management. This office supervises the wardens of halls of residence, the University Counselor, the male and female Da'awah Officers, the Sports Tutor and other Administrative Officers in charge of students affairs attached to campuses to make sure that students live a happy life while at IUIU. The coordinator's office works as a liaison office between the students' guild and the university administration. The office is also charged with managing students discipline and acts as the secretary to the disciplinary committee of the university. In the performance of the above duties, the coordinator is responsible to the Rector through the Vice Rector in charge of Finance and Administration