There is an increase in population of Uganda and other parts of the world; this certainly leads to increase in number of people who may require among other necessities medical care and therefore the necessary health care personnel There has been no proportional increase in health workers in the country; This has led to an increase in the population to H/W ratio. There is an urgent need for health workers   IUIU finds it pertinent to operate a medical school to contribute to the training of quality health care professional to alleviate the shortage


HABIB MEDICAL SCHOOL aspires to operate as a health training institution producing ethically responsible, innovative and critically thinking medical professionals who are committed to the health and developmental ambitions of communities in Uganda, Africa and the rest of the world.

  • Yasin


To be a school of excellence in training medical doctors and other health care professionals of the highest degree of competence, integrity and professionalism.

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I am in the real world of Medicine.... Bravo IUIU Habib School Of Medicine

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