Welcome to the Faculty where Just Lawyers are produced


The mission of the Faculty of Law is in line with the mission of the University, which is premised on functioing as a highly academic and cultural institution based on Islam and love for humanity. It aims at promoting and enhancing civilization and scientific influence of Islam and the physical world to produce well cultured, morally upright graduates of sound character equipped with useful skills and knowledge that are capable of participating positively in the development processes of their countries. The University's mission threefold: Research and scholarship, teaching and learning and Service to the community and good governance. The Faculty of Law embraces the overall mission of the University, core values. The vision and mission of the Faculty of Law holds these values of integrity, academic freedom, academic excellence, discovery and search for truth, sharing knowledge in a learning environment, stewardship, dissemination of Islamic ideals, and service to the Ugandan community, East Africa, Africa and the world.

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In line with the University’s vision, the Faculty of law strives to improve the human condition through the advancement of legal professionalism.

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This is the most interesting and lively Faculty in IUIU

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