1. How can I get help in using the Library?

Please contact the library staff at the enquiry or Issue Desk for assistance and guidance.

2. Where can I find a brief online guide to using the Library?

Click on the “using the library “Link on the library website

3. Where is the University Library?

The university’s main library is located between the Bursary department and the Former management shade. The faculty of Law library is located on the 1st floor of the Al Hijji block (education block) The school of Nursing Library is located on the ground floor of the Al Hirji Block

4. When is the Library open?

Please refer to the library operational hours

5. How do I join the Library?

Please refer to Library Membership

6. Where can I get access to the Library Rules and Regulations?

Please refer to Library Rules and Regulations on the Library website You can also pick a copy of the library rules and regulations at the Library Circulation point or main counter

7. What is my Library Account and how do I login?

Please refer to Your Library account

8. How do I search for books?

To search for an item in our libraries, search our library catalog The library catalogue is available on the Library site and directly on the university’s intranet?

9. How do I borrow items?

All borrowings take place in the library at the circulation / Issue Desk. After identifying your book of interest, present your library card at the issue desk and you will be helped.

10. What can I borrow?

You can borrow most of our items such as books, CDs, DVDs, for outside the library except a few that are only used in the library like News Papers, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.

11. How many items can I borrow at a time?

Students are allowed to borrow out two books at a time for a period of one week while staff and PhD students can borrow out four books at a time for a period of two weeks. Renewals are allowed in most circumstances

12. How do I renew an item?

Renewal can be done directly at the Issue Desk in the library or by Clicking renew in your library portal via your ERP account. NB. The Library may reject a renewal whether directly at the Issue Desk or online. Remember fines apply for overdue books

13. Where do I return my books?

All borrowed books should be returned to the library circulation center / issue desk

14. What happens if I return any Library item after the due date?

You will be charged fines for overdue books

15. Where are silent and quiet study zones in the Library?

At the moment the library only offers silent reading zones. Discussions are not permissible in the library.

16. Where are the group study zones in the Library?

At the moment the library only offers silent reading zones. Discussions are not permissible in the library.

17. What do I do if I forget my University Username or password?

Contact ICT (ERP) section at the campus

18. How do I connect to the University wireless network?

While some wireless networks are not protected and can be accessed on instant connection, others will require product keys and passwords. Wireless keys and passwords are printed and put on all lab notice boards. A member of the section whose wireless you wish to connect to is needed can be contacted.

19. Where can I use my laptop in the Library?

You can use your laptop in the Library in all the reading rooms available.

20. Can I print or photocopy in the library?

The library offers printing and photocopying services at a small price. Please ask for direction

21. Whom do I ask if I need help with photocopying and printing in the Library?

Please ask at the enquiry section for direction

22. How do I search the Library's collections?

You can search the library collection through our library catalogue. The library has computers that are specified for searching the catalogue. You can also search from the library website. Click on library catalogue and you will be able to search the library collection.

23. How do I find books on my subject area?

Search the catalogue using your subject area terms such as" Management", “Business computing”, "Education".

24. How are books arranged in the Library?

Books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC) which allocates numbers to subject areas. The arrangement follows the smallest number to the biggest number and a “left to right", "top to bottom” arrangement on the shelves. All shelves are labeled with subject labels and numbers for guidance.

25. Which databases are available for searching via the Library?

Please refer to Library E Resources and databases

26. How can I find out what a journal title abbreviation stands for?

Please refer to Journal and Database Acronyms under E Resources and databases