Our Library Rules present a set of explicit or clear regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within our library setting. These rules are put in place to guide and ensure that we offer the best library services to our clients. We want you to have a positive experience of library services and thus your cooperation in observing the regulations is essential for smooth service provision.

  • 1. Everyone who uses University library services automatically undertakes to observe these regulations. Users who infringe these regulations risk library sanctions as well as any sanction applicable within University-wide policies and codes.
  • 2. Maximum silence and order must be observed in and around the Library
  • 3. Use of mobile phones i.e. receiving/ringing is strictly prohibited in the library
  • 4. Items may not be borrowed without the production of a valid Library Card.
  • 5. You should not lend your card to anyone else nor allow any other person to use it unless if permitted by a Librarian.
  • 6. No library materials of any kind may be removed until they have been issued to you. You are responsible for proper keeping and protection of anything loaned to you. Materials must not be damaged, defaced by writing or otherwise altered.
  • 7. Before leaving the University, please return all library items you have on loan. Any loss of library materials must be reported immediately.
  • 8. Handbags, paper bags and similar items, are not allowed in the Library. Users should ensure that these items are left at the Property Counter at the Entry/Exit of the Library.
  • NB. Please note that the library does not take responsibility for loss of personal items brought to the library. You should therefore ensure that you attend to your property while in the Library.

  • 9. Stealing of any library reading materials/property is a criminal offence. Jackets, coats are strictly not allowed in the library
  • 10. Damaging of any Library reading materials/property is a serious offence
  • 11. Maximum cooperation with library staff is expected at all times in the library
  • 12. No eating/drinking/smoking in the Library. Exceptions for drinking may be accepted with slow spilling water bottles.
  • 13. All borrowed reading materials must be returned in time. A fine of 500/= will be charged for every extra day one stays with an overdue book. There is a grace period of one day only during which you should return overdue items without penalty. You may renew them in a grace period if they are not reserved by another user, but this can only be done at the library counter, not on-line.
  • 14. No library furniture should be moved out of the library.
  • 15. Respect the sitting arrangement in the Library