1. How and when can a foreign national candidate apply for admission?

Application form is available on IUIU website at Admission Requirements

2. What are eligibility requirements for admission?

The admission of foreign national candidate is subject to fulfilling the minimum Requirements as prescribed for Ugandan candidate and subject to equivalence of qualification from a recognised accreditation body . In case at a late stage, it is found that the requirements are not fulfilled, the offer of admission is cancelled ipso facto.

3. Where can I get information about eligibility criteria/requirements for admission of foreign national ?

Information about eligibility criteria/conditions for admission to various programme of study available at IUIU website of Information for Guidance of Foreign Nationals.pdf

4. What are the documents required at the time of registration?

In the event of selection and admission, the following documents are to be produced the original documents, as a copy of each document, and for verification at the time of registration

  • a. All relevant academic documents( certificates/degrees/marksheets) of the qualifying examination in support of the eligibility conditions as prescribed by the University for Admission.
  • b. In case the certificates/degrees/marksheets of the qualifying examination are in a language other than English, the same should be got translated into English language and produce at the time of registration.
  • c. Valid passport and Student Visa/Research Visa, as the case may be
  • d. Health Certificate (Medical Fitness Certificate).
  • e. 8 passport size photographs.
  • f. Bank Statement indicating sufficient fund in his/her account or Bank Statement of parent(s) with a letter indicating that they will financially support during the study in IUIU.
  • g. In case candidate is in service, a permission letter/leave sanction order from employer for the duration of programme of study applied for.

5. How much tuition fees payable by foreign national student?

Foreign students admitted to various programme of study are required to pay fees and functional fees as per the IUIU fees structure in US dollar or in Ugandan Currency as per the prevalent exchange rates:

6. When are the tuition fees and other charges payable for admission?

Tuition fees and other charges like registration fee, accommodation fee, etc are payable at the time of admission/registration. A student is expected to pay 30% of tuition fees and all functional fees within the first 3 (three) weeks of the semester. Any payments after 3 (three) weeks shall fetch a late registration fee (surcharge) of $10 up to the sixth week of the semester. No student shall be allowed to register after the sixth week. Such a student will be deregistered for that academic year.

7. In which currency a foreign national has to pay tuition fees and other charges?

Foreign national candidate has option to pay tuition fee and Incidental charges either in US dollars or in Uganda shillings.

8. Where can I get details of courses for master’s degree programme?

Details of courses are available at IUIU website in each faculty at Admission Requirements

9. What is the duration of programme of study?

The duration of Bachelor degree (undergraduate) programme is three years to a maximum of five years (six semesters) and four to six years for Law. Master degree programme is two years to maximum of four years (four semesters).Certificate two years. Ordinary Diploma four years. Advanced Diploma two years. Post graduate Diploma two years. Any postgraduate diploma student who goes beyond the minimum stipulates period shall pay 50% of registration and tuition fees per academic year. Masters students who go beyond two years shall pay 50% of registration and tuition fees per academic year and those who go beyond three shall pay 75%.Any student who goes beyond the maximum years stipulated above shall be discontinued from the university. Faculties may not run a given Academic programme or may change its mode of study after the elapse of two weeks, if such a programme does not have enough students as per breakeven number.

10. What type of visa requires for admission to various Degree programmes?

Candidate selected for admission to Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree programme is required to produce ‘Student Visa’ at the time of admission/registration

11. What kind of Medical Fitness is required with the application form?

A Medical Fitness Certificate indicating that the candidate is medically fit and there is no communicable disease which renders him/her unfit to study in Uganda is Sufficient from the authorised doctor or hospital.

12. When the classes start?

The classes are started in August, January and April depending on which intake the applicant chooses.

13. What is the period of semesters and vacations?

The August intake first semester begins in August and ends in December with a vacation of one month. The second semester begins in January and ends in May with a vacation of three months. The April intake first semester begins in April and ends in September with vacation of three months. The second semester begins in January and ends in May.

14. Whether foreign national students will be provided hostel accommodation?

Foreign national students are provided hostel accommodation at the time of Reporting for the new Academic year at a fee. However, due to shortage of hostel accommodation, some students may be accommodated in off campus hostels which are also managed by the office of the Coordinator, but the facility is only for male students. Note that all female students must reside within the University hostels.

15. Whether separate hostel accommodation is available for foreign national students?

There is no separate hostel accommodation for foreign national students. Foreign national students are allotted room in any hostel available at the time of reporting. Females and males are allocated separate hostels.

16. How far is the hostel from study place?

All hostels are very near to study place at a walking distance of not more than 5-10 Minutes’ walk.

17. How do I connect to the University wireless network?

While some wireless networks are not protected and can be accessed on instant connection, others will require product keys and passwords. Wireless keys and passwords are printed and put on all lab notice boards. Also contact a member of the section whose wireless you wish to connect to.