WE, the members of the Da’wah and Community Liaison Committee, COGNIZANT of the fact that the call to Islam is a duty enshrined in the Quran

AWARE that the above call cannot be answered except as a community of Muslim Da’wah Workers from among the students and staff

AWARE that each community is guided by agreed norms and principles set forward by its members as alluded to in the hadith: “Muslims are but by their agreed principles and agreement is permissible among Muslims, except in cases of permitting the unlawful and prohibiting the lawful”


To spearhead the Islamisation of knowledge, cultural and social environments within and outside the University.


DCOD aspires to establish a truly Islamic culture within the University and all such areas where it has capacity to influence; through research, training and dissemination of Islam.


The following are our objectives

  • i. To create a favorable environment for people (staff and students) to practice Islam.
  • ii. To create room for continuous teaching and learning of Islam at IUIU.
  • iii. To train Muslim Students in the methodology and approach of carrying out Da’wah activities. iv. To provide for continuous upgrading in knowledge of Islam at IUIU among students and staff.
  • v. To prepare the University Community to defend the cause of Islam when a need arises.
  • vi. To prepare students that will form good Muslim families.
  • vii. To prepare students to continue with Da`wah work even after University.
  • viii. To pay special attention to the mobilization of female students and staff for Islamic work.
  • ix. To build and strengthen voluntary leadership structures in the Community.
  • x. To convey the message of Islam to non-Muslims.
  • xi. To publish Islamic books and translate them into several languages. xii. To play a leading role in Da`wah and Community Outreach in disseminating of Da`wah programs in the Community.
  • xiii. To promote studying and recitation of the Qur’an.
  • xiv. To promote learning of the Arabic language.
  • xv. To carry out research and publish in strategic knowledge areas.
  • xvi. To eventually develop the Da’wah and Community Outreach Directorate into a fully-fledged Da’wah Academy.


The Da’wah and Community Outreach Directorate has the following functions

  • Strategic planning of Da’wah Activities in IUIU.
  • Da’wah guidance among staff and students. iii. Coordinating and Networking Da’wah activities in IUIU and beyond.
  • Training of Students’ leaders in Da’wah and Leadership.
  • Organization of students and staff into Da’wah Units.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Da’wah activities at IUIU.
  • Research and publication of Islamic materials.
  • Sourcing for Da’wah Funding. ix. Policy formulation and review.
  • Planning and making guidelines for co-curricular activities.
  • Ensuring every Muslim student is exposed to a certain level of Islamic Knowledge.


  • i. Da`wah Ministry shall operate as an independent entity in collaboration with students’ Guild. It shall be a student Da`wah supreme body headed by the Da`wah Minister who shall report directly to the Director. It shall have its own Guidelines.
  • ii. Candidates vying for the position of Da`wah Minister at all University Campuses shall have to be nominated by the students on the nomination day.
  • iii. All nominees shall be interviewed by the Shura Council through oral and written interviews. The successful candidates must have passed the interview by at least 80%. His/her name shall be forwarded to the Director of Da`wah and Community Outreach Directorate for final approval. iv. The Da`wah Minister in consultation with the Director shall appoint his cabinet.