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The Vice Rector Finance and Administration (VR-F&A) is responsible for the planning, budgeting and development of the University; resource mobilization; investment; human resource management; security; estates and works; and procurement. In executing this responsibility he is assisted by the office of the University Secretary.

Dr. Abdul Kaziba Mpaata

Dr. Abdul Kaziba Mpaata PhD is the Vice Rector in charge of Finance and Administration at the Islamic University in Uganda. He specialized in Business Management psychology for his Ph.D. He has published and presented papers locally and internationally in the areas of Educational Management, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Strategic Management. Parts of his PhD and Masters' thesis were published in Gadjah Mada International Business Journal.

He has recently published papers in the Makerere Journal of Higher Education (MAJOHE), African Higher Education Review on Line (AHERO) and in the National Council for Higher Education Journal.

Before Joining Islamic University in Uganda, Dr. Mpaata worked as Head of Department of Marketing and procurement, Nkumba University where he spearheaded innovation and creativity in developing the Bachelors course in Procurement and Logistics Management (BPLM) and thereafter Masters in Procurement and Logistics Management (MPLM) respectively. As a result he was invited to participate in the development of a National Curriculum by the PPDA/NCHE.

In addition to teaching, supervising and conducting research, Dr. Mpaata is a Senior Management Consultant who was trained by the United Kingdom based Crown Agents in Country Capacity building and Training of Trainers (TOT). He has subsequently participated in the Senior Managers leadership course organized by the Ministry of Public Service to develop a Training Need Analysis (TNA) for the Uganda Public Service Managers together with the Uganda Management Institute (UMI).

Besides, Dr. Mpaata together with Makerere University Consultancy Bureau has been involved in the development of management training programmes and has contributed to the formulation of courses leading to a Bachelor of Development and Bachelor of Organizational Studies of Makerere University. He has taught at Makerere University in various faculties including the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Computer Science.

Dr. Mpaata is also a member of the task force of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Quality Inspection, and member of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) in-charge of developing basic minimum standards for procurement education and training in Uganda. He has performed competency profiling for a number of organizations both public and private in Uganda.

He has supervised students in Nkumba University, Makerere University, Islamic University in Uganda, and Bugema University in a number of areas such as Impression of Compensation Administration, Local Financial Administration, Decentralization Policy Performance, Small Scale Business Sector Performance, Bankruptcy Predictor Model Tests in Uganda, Innovative Approaches to Productivity, Work Conditions, Organizational Effectiveness, Job Stress, Leadership Behaviour, etc.

Dr. Mpaata has also worked as one of the chairpersons of the Inter-University Council for East Africa expert team to different Universities in the region on quality assurance in the area of business administration.

Information Last Updated on:15 Jul 2013
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