History in Brief

The Islamic University Students’ Union (IUSU) was established in 1988/89, academic year under a constitution (Islamic university students union constitution) which was drafted and agreed upon by all students and was approved by the Exceutive board ( second top organ) of the university. According to the iusu constitution which was amended in 2004,

Given the provisions in the IUSU constitution , the students has a great potential to contribute to the smooth running of the university provided the established channels are properly followed. The students parliament is an effective forum through which students concerns can be addressed , these concerns can then be channeled through the cabinet, the Executive and to the university administration through the University Cordinator. The various ministries are mechanisms through which specific isuues can be effectively handled

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Some of the Objectives of IUSU

  • 1. Fostering unity among the students of the university
  • 2. Promoting Islamic values and Articulating students’ interests among others.
  • 3. Promoting leadership qualities
  • 4. Instituting an efficient students administration
  • 5. Handling students Affairs and articulating problems and find solutions
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Key Ministries in the Guild Government

The following are the key Ministries in the Guild.

The Da'awah Ministry

The Da'awah Ministry plays a central role in organizing daawa programmes in the university both on and off campus, over the years Da'awah ministry has been the fore front of dawaa activities in the university. The activities include but are not limited to daily Halaq programs, preaching in the mosque, organizing Itqaf and outreach programmes outside the university, Ramadhan conventions, Idd celebrations and Jaula programs in the halls of residence.

Ministry of Sports, Games and Entertainment

It plays role in organizing games and sports activities in the University which include inter hall, inter-year, inter-associations and inter–nations competitions. In addition the Ministry prepares the various University teams for the Inter-University games as well as friendly matches with other institutions.

Ministry of Transport and Production

This is the investment component of the IUSU government. It is responsible for identifying, planning and executing investment programs for the IUSU for example managing the guild canteen from which IUSU gets income in form of monthly rent from tenants. It has the potential to make more investments which can play a big part in boosting the finances of the Guild to enable it to finance its various programs.

Ministry of Campus Affairs

This is the Ministry responsible for the general students life in the campus interms of accommodation, quality service delivery, electricity, general sanitation of the University washrooms, availabilty of water and security of Students and their property

Ministry of Education

Helps to monitor and coordinate matters pertaining n to academic issues in the faculties.

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The Students Congress.

Is the organ of the IUSU which provides a forum through which all students meet and articulate their issues openly to the University Administration and the general staff.

The congress, the Rector and top administrators of the University are invited to listen to the student’s problems directly and issue clarifications on various serious issues. Some crucial policies such as Zero balance policy, fees cards are clarified and the increment of the Retake fee. It is clear from the above that IUSU government does play a very essential role in the University.

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