University Farm

Welcome to the University Farm

The Islamic university in Uganda established the University farm in 1997 after it acquired 200 acres of land from the late Haji Musa Lubadde in Jami village Kamonkoli Sub County in Budaka district 15 kilometers from Mbale along Tirinyi road. The sole objective of acquiring this land was to lay a foundation for the proposed faculty of agriculture and live stock sciences. The farm land has now expanded up to 320 acres by buying off the land pieces from interested neighbors. A large portion 80% of this land lies in the low swampy area where as the 20% lies in the upper land section. The university farm is steadily moving towards achieving the goal for which it was established. There are a number of ongoing agro activities but on a small scale; banana growing and other crops like citrus, cereal and perennial crops. The output is still low due to over depending on manual labour. However plans are underway to have the unit fully mechanized.

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in production, utilization and dissemination of agricultural technology that will foster economic and social transformation of the university and surrounding community.

Our Mission

To build capacity of the university farm to champion agricultural transformation through research, innovation, demonstration, teaching, collaboration and community service.