Dr. Halima Akbar

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The Office of Academic Registrar and Responsibility

The Office of the Academic Registrar provides many of the academic services within the University to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is the central department responsible for student records and works closely with the schools and other central directorates. The key aspects of her duties include overseeing, supervising and coordinating the admission process for the new entrants to the University, monitoring enrollment, organisation of examination, coordinating the teaching process, custodian of students academic records and transcripts, developing and implementing academic regulations and policies and procedures, prescoling students for the confirrment of degree and giving aduse, guidance and couseling of students

More About Dr. Halima Akbar

Dr. Halima Akbar is the first female to serve as the Academic Registrar of Islamic University in Uganda. She has had a distinguished career as Scholar and Academic Administrator in IUIU. She has also served as the Director Female's Campus Kabojja from 2009 where she has had tremendous changes at the campus.