Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ)

Volume 7 Issue 1 March, 2020



We are once again grateful to the Almighty Allah who has enabled us churn out another edition of the Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ) formerly known as Islamic University Journal (IUJ). With Volume 7 Issue 1, we are steadily marching the University community towards academic growth and intellectuality. The journal is a multidisciplinary and multilingual publication that cuts across all areas. It engages the creative, innovative and keen minds of scholars around the world while providing a rich point of reference for the ever-inquisitive researchers. The IUMJ fulfils two of the core functions of Islamic University in Uganda viz; dissemination of knowledge that is relevant to the needs of the society and involving in research that reveals new knowledge and provides solution to existing community challenges.

This volume 7 issue 1 presents scholarly works on; Examination of Procedural Law in Marital Disputes under Maliki Jurisprudence in Kadhis Courts in Kwara State of Nigeria; Appraising the Socio-Legal Implications of “Ruga” Cattle Colony Controversy in Nigeria; Causes of Action and Remedies in Provocative Telecommunication Mast Installation: The Nigerian Experience; Effect of External Debt on Economic Growth in Nigeria; External Debt Stock and Economic Growth in Somalia (1990-2016); Electoral Budget and Quality of Electoral Services: Evidence from Nigeria; As-shurah–wal-al-bay‘ah: Solution to Electoral Problems in Nigeria; Human Resource Crisis: The Quandary of Identifying Future Entrepreneurs in Nigeria; Religious Tolerance in The Gambia, 1965-2016: Lessons for Nigeria; IFRS Adoption and Reporting Quality: An Assessment of User’s Perception in Nigeria; Entrepreneurship Intention Among Public Administration Students in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria: Evidence from Theory of Planned Behaviour; History, Policy and Cultural Beliefs in Nigerian Video-Films: The Yoruba Film as Praxis; The Eclipse of the Institution of Slavery and its Impact on the Pre-Colonial State of Ibadan, 1873-1900; Workplace Fairness and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Implications for Nigerian Employees; Provision of Child Health Care Service to Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria; A Shari’ah Assessment of the Poverty Alleviation Programmes of Nigerian Government (2015-2019); Islamic Appraisal of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission’s Modes of Identifying Suspects; Restructuring and Resource Control in Nigeria: Lessons from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Madinah; Shariah and Social Justice in the North, Lessons for the South: The Experience of Shariah Practice in Nigeria (1999-2018); Living Islam: On Being Muslim In Yorubaland; Redressing the Management Challenges of Nomadic Education Institutions for Optimum National Security in Nigeria; Influence of Psycholinguistic Mentorship on Final Year Students’ Research Project at the Federal University Dutsinma, Katsina State, Nigeria; Influence of Area of Specialisation on Undergraduates’ Access to and Attitude Towards the Utilisation of Social Media for Learning in South-West, Nigeria; Arabian Universities Graduate Islamic Studies Teachers and Secondary School Students' Academic Performance in Ilorin, Nigeria; Perceived Relationship between Leadership Style and Non-Professional Library Staff Job Satisfaction in Ogun State Owned Universities, Nigeria; Awareness and Use of Electronic Resources by Undergraduate Students at Kabale University, Uganda; Correlation Matrix of Five Child-Killer Diseases and Under-Five Mortality Rate in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria; Knowledge and Practice of Self-Care Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients Attending University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria; Characterization of Optimal Control Model of Sorghum Production; Simulation of Mathematical Model for Ecological Surveillance of Prey-Predator; A Design, Simulation and Implementation of Intelligent Traffic Lights Based on Traffic Density; Students Perception and Choice of Nursing Profession as a Career in Kwara State, Nigeria; Econometric Analysis of The Effects of Land Size on Cereals Production in Nigeria; On the Daftardar and Jafari Method for the Numerical Solution of Duffing Equations; Generalization of Some Results in Linear Orthogonality Spaces; and On the Significance of Saturation Terms and Disease Induced Death on Seir Epidemic Model.

It is our hope and prayer that our distinguished readers find the publication engaging with potentials towards virgin researchable areas.


Our sincere gratitude goes to the renowned contributors, peer reviewers and readers of the IUMJ for their continued support.

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