Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ)

Volume 7 Issue 2 June, 2020



We are once again grateful to the Almighty Allah who has enabled us churn out another edition of the Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ) formerly known as Islamic University Journal (IUJ). With Volume 7 Issue 2, we are steadily marching the University community towards academic growth and intellectuality. The journal is a multidisciplinary and multilingual publication that cuts across all areas. It engages the creative, innovative and keen minds of scholars around the world while providing a rich point of reference for the ever-inquisitive researchers. The IUMJ fulfils two of the core functions of Islamic University in Uganda viz; dissemination of knowledge that is relevant to the needs of the society and involving in research that reveals new knowledge and provides solution to existing community challenges.

This volume 7 issue 2 presents scholarly works on; Democracy, Legislature and Nation-Building in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic; External Business Environment and Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Arua Municipality, Uganda; Hajj Management Tradition in Nigeria, 1958 – 2006; Impact of Cashless Policy on Organizational Performance in National Control Center Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria; Leadership Failure and Socio-Political Ferment in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic; Legal Education in Nigeria: Trends in Quality Assurance; Access to Court and Access to Justice: Piercing through the Conceptual Ambiguities and Matters Arising; Juridical Perspective on the Regulation of Online Dispute Resolution in Nigeria; Role of Mediation in Resolving Construction Disputes: A Study of Mediation Centre in Kwara State; Security Breaches: Continuing Relevance of Law and ‘Poverty Theory’ in Nigeria; Federalism, National Security and State Policing System in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic; Party Leadership, Intra-Party Crisis and Democratic Consolidation in Southwest Nigeria; Loss of Intergroup Relation and Conflict Escalation: The Case of Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Kaduna State, Nigeria; Doctrinal Contradictions and Abuse of Quranic Interpretation Challenge to Socio-Political Propaganda in Osama Bin Laden Psyche; Gender Balance and Arabic Cultivation: A Case Study of Selected Female Arabic Cultivators in Pre-Colonial Northern Nigeria; Shariah in Nigeria Before the Colonial Period: A Study of Yoruba-Land; DHIMMAH Contract in Sokoto Caliphate of Nigeria and Contemporary Challenges; Travelogue in Nigerian Arabic Literture: A Critical Analytical Study; Grammatical and Morphological Scale in the Criticism of Nigerian Arabic Poetry; Traditional Perception and Concept of Beauty in Idoma Culture; Pronouns in Kétu: A Dialect of Yoruba; Analysis of Secondary Schools Teachers’ Commitment in Kwara State, Nigeria; Teacher Education and Sustainable National Development in Ekiti State, Nigeria; Socio-Economic Factors as Predictors of Traditional and Faith Based Health-Seeking Behaviour of Rural-Mothers in Ogun State, Nigeria; Psychological Determinants of Xenophobic Behaviours; Implications of Drug Use and Abuse as Perceived by Student Athletes of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, South-West Nigeria; Effect of Behaviour Contract Counselling Technique on Impulsivity among Primary School Pupils in Zaria Metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria; Toward an Introduction to Descriptive and Derivative Hypothesis (DDH) in Morphological Analysis: Yoru`ba´ Language as Example; Lecturers’ Perception of Academic Staff Retention Strategies, Job Satisfaction and Goal Achievement in Private Universities in South-West, Nigeria; Application of Technical Aesthetics of Costume, Make-up, Props and Performance Space in Idoma Traditional Performance Theatre; Effective Counselling through Media Advocacy and Eradication of Child Abuse in Ekiti State; Private Investment and University Ranking: The Role of Media Coverage in Africa; Effect of Romantic Relationship on Undergraduate Students’ Academic Performance: A Case Study of Islamic University in Uganda; Effect of Weed Phytosociological Characteristics on Control Practices in Upland Rice Production Under Sudan Savanna of Nigeria; Design and Simulation of a Secured Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network; Predictor of Nursing Mothers’ Accessibility to Child Welfare Services: A Case of Palm Avenue Primary Health Care Centre, Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria; On the Use of Linear Programming Model Approach in Profit Optimization of a Product Mix Company; Prevalence of Low Back Pain Among Adult Patients Attending Family Medicine Clinics in Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State, Nigeria; Prevalence of Antibiotic Self-Medication Among University Students in Kampala, Uganda; A Building Information Modelling Framework for Enhanced Public Participation in Customised Mass Housing Projects in Africa; The Effects of Heat and Mass Transfer on Magnetohydrodynamic Oscillatory Flow; Investigating the Factors that Decrease the Usage of Nigerian Academic Libraries: A Case Study of Basug Library; Optimizing Frameworks for Building More Efficient Concurrent Application in Java; and Improved Methane Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste by Trace Elements Supplementation.

It is our hope and prayer that our distinguished readers find the publication engaging with potentials towards virgin researchable areas.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the renowned contributors, peer reviewers and readers of the IUMJ for their continued support.

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