Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ)

Volume 5 Issue 2 December 2018


We are once again grateful to the Almighty Allah who has enabled us churn out another edition of the Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ) formerly known as Islamic University Journal (IUJ). With Volume 5 Issue 2, we are steadily marching the University community towards academic growth and intellectuality. The journal is a multidisciplinary and multilingual publication that cuts across all areas. It engages the creative, innovative and keen minds of scholars around the world while providing a rich point of reference for the ever-inquisitive researchers. The IUMJ fulfils two of the core functions of Islamic University in Uganda viz; dissemination of knowledge that is relevant to the needs of the society and involving in research that reveals new knowledge and provides solution to existing community challenges.

This volume 5 issue 2 presents scholarly works on; Growing the Nigeria Sport Market through Audience Participation at Sports Competitions; Access to and Utilization of Games and Simulation by Pre-Primary School Teachers in Ogun East Senatorial District of Ogun State, Nigeria; Social Factors as Correlates of Cohabitation among Undergraduates in Ogun East Senatorial District Ogun State, Nigeria; Salam, a proposed model for financing agriculture; Assessment of Freight Vehicles’ Effects on Urban Traffic in Lagos State, Nigeria; Staff Turnover in Government Institutions in Uganda: A Case of Uganda Institute of Communication Technology (UICT); Public Debt Management in Nigeria: The Impacts of Institutional changes after exiting from the Paris Club in 2006; Teamwork and staff performance at Umar Bin Alkhattwab Islamic Centre, Uganda; Teachers’ Perception on the Usefulness of Instructional Media to Effective Teaching of Business Studies; An Assessment of Quality Primary Education in Kwara Metropolis: Issues and Implication for Sustainable Development ; A Study of Postmodern Ideology in the Drama of Selected Nigerian Playwrights; Emboldening Environmental Regulation: Judicial Independence and Adjudication of Disputes in Nigeria; Domination in gender relations: implications for peace and conflict in Bole Butake’s Lake God; Librarians’ Awareness and Perception towards the Adoption of Cloud-Based Technologies in Public University Libraries in South-South Nigeria; I.T policy implementation in organizations; a case study of Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Nigeria; Heat and Mass Transfer of an Electrically Conducting Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid in the presence of thermal dispersion past a Stretching Surface and Child Mortality and Morbidity in South Sudan..

It is our hope and prayer that our distinguished readers find the publication engaging with potentials towards virgin researchable areas.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the renowned contributors, peer reviewers and readers of the IUMJ for the continued support.


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