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IUIU To Represent Eastern Region In The National Inter-University Debate Competition

  • 17th March, 2022 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read
By kamyuka Kenneth
The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has qualified for the National Inter-University Debate Competition to represent the Eastern Region on 26th March 2022. 

The IUIU emerged winners in the regional tournament, which took place on the 17th March 2022 at the IUIU Main Campus (Mbale), was organized by Youth Go-Green, funded by the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE). 
Ivan Magomu (President IUIIU Law Students Society (LSS)) and Kiyuba Jennah (State Minister for Campus affairs in the students' government) represented the IUIU. 

IUIU's Public Relations Officer, Ms. Kantono Rehema, the Chief Guest, thanked the Ministry and the Youth Go-Green for involving the youth in water and environmental conservation. 

In her remarks, she commended the Guild leadership for being exceptional hosts and for choosing the best debaters who have raised the IUIU flag high.

Thank you, your Excellence for the exceptional service, you have represented IUIU Well, and your team has made us shine, the PRO said with pride. 

According to the PRO, the youth are the right people to participate in such events because they are involved in many activities that destroy the environment and can also be part of the solution if engaged. 

"There is no right decision like involving young people in the water and environmental conservation because many of them are engaged in bricks, charcoal, timba, and fire wood business, which partly affects water and the environment," she remarked. Ms. Kantono congratulated the winning team and all the debaters for making the event a reality and entertaining, and encouraged all those who participated to continue working hard to emerge the best in the next tournament.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary (MWE), represented by Mr. Maximo Twinomuhangi, the team leader of Kyoga Water Management zone, said the youth are critical players in conserving water and the environment in Uganda.

Further still, while addressing the gathering, the Guild president IUIU, H.E Kakande Hafdwar, asked the government to involve the youth in forming and implementing the policies to conserve the water and the environment. Mr. Kakande sees the youth as implementers of the environmental policies; therefore, they have to participate at all levels.

The young people are the basis in any planning; therefore, they should participate in the entire process if we are to secure the future," he remarked.

IUIU won after beating National Teachers College Kaliro in the second round of the Eastern Region Youth Debate Competitions. Other Universities that took part in the debate include Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mbale campus, Makerere University Jinja Campus, Busitema University, and Kumi University. 

The debate was under the theme: "Uganda's Media should portray climate change optimistically emphasizing progress which has been made over alarming prediction."