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IUIU Vice Rector (AA) Tips Muslims on Sustaining Islamic Works in Post COVID-19 World

  • 29th April, 2022 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read
The Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Dr Jamil Serwanga has tipped Muslims on how to continue  bankrolling Islamic works in the post COVID-19 world despite the economic impacts that the pandemic has caused in the world. 

Dr Serwanga provided the tips yesterday during the 35th Annual  Ramadhan Convention organized by IUIU's Da'waah Liaison and Community Outreach Committee (DLCOC) under the theme " Post COVID-19 Impact on the Muslim Society: Lessons and Hope."

The Vice Rector (AA) who was presenting on the topic " Sustainable Financing for Islamic Community Work in Post COVID-19 World"  said there are several ways that Muslims must follow to continue financing Islamic works such as Ramadhan Conventions, Da'waah, construction of mosques and helping the needy. 

"COVID-19 has devastated the world economy which means even the Islamic works have been impacted but we should find ways to sustain these works. We should find plans on how to find money to sustain Islamic activities in the post COVID-19 world. 
There are several ways such as paying  Zakaat, establishment of income generating activities, hard work , giving charity, and search for useful knowledge because there is a lot of information but they need for search for the useful knowledge, " he said.

Dr Serwanga who is an Economist said, Muslims in the post COVID-19 world must systematically utilize the resources to benefit many in communities. 

"When we have the resources, let us share them to benefit many Muslims. Let us utilize the income we have appropriately to sustain our Islamic works in our communities," the Vice Rector said. 
According to Dr Serwanga, Muslims in the  post COVID-19 world should also prioritize planning and establishing viable investments, starting small and growing big and ensure accountability of the mobilized resources if they want to continue with their Islamic works. 

The keynote speaker at the event was IUIU Rector Professor Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda. Professor Gyagenda said with the help of God, there is hope for Muslims in the post COVID-19 world.

Other speakers at the convention were IUIU University Coordinator , Dr Sulait Kabali, IUIU Females' Campus Director Dr Madina Nabukeera and Mr Hamza Sekalema who is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Manager and a Lecturer of Computer Science  at the Islamic University in Uganda.

The Ramadhan Convention is an annual event that the Islamic University in Uganda organizes to discuss critical issues concerning the Muslims ummah (community).