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Housing Finance Bank Contributes UGX 12M towards IUIU’s Water Project

  • 20th May, 2022 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read
Housing Finance Bank (HFB) has supported the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) with Twelve Million Ugandan shillings meant for the drilling of a water well at the Females Campus in Wakiso district.

According to IUIU Females’ Campus Director, Dr. Madina Nabukeera, the bank responded to their plan of adding sources of water on the campus.

Dr. Madina says the scarcity of water on the campus began in 2013 during the construction of the “Entebbe Express High way road.

“During the construction of the road, the water channels that were leading to our water plant got damaged and since then, the reservoir (main water source) cannot sustain the current number of students, especially during the dry season,” Dr. Madina said.

Currently, the campus has a total population of 1,250 female students as of 16th May 2022 who require water for daily use.

In order to cease the water problem during prolonged droughts, the campus is looking at three possible solutions. These are the construction of a 200,000-litre underground water tank to harvest rainwater, the purchase, and installation of twenty (20) sub-water tanks to harvest rainwater, and dig or excavating wells (hand-dug wells), insert submersible pumps to boost the current water source.

During a Career Guidance Symposium held on Wednesday, May 18, at the campus, Housing Finance Bank answered the water challenge situation on the campus with a dummy cheque of 12 million shillings that will pay contractors to drill a well.  

The Career guidance was carried out by the bank in partnership with 11A-Global (International Internal Audit Awareness).

The Chief Risk Officer of Housing Finance Bank, Ms. Marietta Naiga encouraged students to be patient with the procedures for success. She advised them to be intentional about their career journey since it’s an individual initiative