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  • 02nd April, 2019 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda Vice Rector in charge of Academic Affairs has called upon studentís course coordinators to conform to the weekly teaching assessment process of Lecturers so as to help the Administration easily evaluate their class performance.

Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda made the call during a one-day course coordinatorsí workshop at the IUIU Femalesí campus Kabojja recently.

The Vice Rector explained that because of the demanding Administrative commitments, it is not easy to follow up and know whether a lecturer conducts classes as expected or not but by the use of assessment forms, they can trap absentee lecturers.

ďThese attendance and assessment forms are the only ways we can know whether a lecturer is performing or not so when we ask you to make its use, you should endeavor to do it with honest and diligence for the betterment of your fellow students and our Noble Institution.Ē Professor Gyagenda stated.

He warned the studentís class representatives against conniving with lecturers by falsely signing attendance lists when a lecturer has not taught adding that those who will be caught, will be dealt with accordingly.

He however appreciated the course coordinators for their great role of bridging students to their lecturers and the top Administration and pledged full administrative support towards any of the Associationís activity.

ďI want to take this chance to show my gratitude to all of you gathered here. You have showed extreme support by reporting to us what goes on in your classes where we cannot be all the time. This is one of the most important ways to Achieve our Universityís Academic excellence.Ē He added.

Prof. Gyagenda conclusively encouraged the course coordinators to create a strong academic network amongst the IUIUís four campuses so that they can learn from one another.


Reacting to the Vice rectorís speech, the Chairperson of the Islamic University Course coordinators Association (IUCCA) Mr. Tusingwire Umaru Atennyi implored his colleagues to be objective and hardworking and avoid being miss led into signing attendance and evaluation forms noting that he will not stand in for any victim.

The workshop was attended by course coordinators from Main campus Mbale, Kampala Campus and the host Campus; Femalesí Campus Kabojja.