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IUIU Females’ Campus Holds a successful 3rd Edition of Run for Girl Child Education 2024

  • 03rd July, 2024 12:30pm
  • 9 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) hosted the 3rd edition of the Run for Girl Child Education on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at the female campus in Kabojja. The event was a vibrant and energetic affair, attracting a diverse group of over 4,000 participants, including sponsors and partners such as UBA Uganda, Stanbic Bank, Tropical Bank, DFCU Bank, MTN Uganda, Standard Chartered Bank, FARAS, Radio4, Krystal Water, and the Al-Bayan Foundation. Also in attendance were representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of ICT, the IUIU Alumni Association, students from IUIU, and various secondary schools, including Kinaawa Schools, Kibuli SS, Kawempe Muslim SS, Nabisunsa Girls’ SS, Green Light Islamic SS Nansana, Qamar High School, Top Times High School, Katwe Noor SS, Mugongo SS, Hasana Junior School, Mariam High school, and Lugoba Muslim Vocational SS.

Ministry of Internal Affairs - Staff

Key Highlights of the Event

The event was graced by several dignitaries, including the Chief Runner, Minister Hon. Dr. Barugahara Balam Ateenyi, the Rector of IUIU, Assoc. Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, the Mufti of Uganda, represented by Shekhat Radhia Ssemakula, and staff from UBA Uganda led by the MD, Ms. Chioma Mang. Also present were staff from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Stanbic Bank, Radio4, FARAS, and Salam TV led by MD Hajji Karim Kaliisa.


Minister Balam officially launched the run by waving the flag to start the participants on a scenic route that included key points such as the IUIU Kabojja, Mugwanya Preparatory School, Old Masaka road, Total Petrol Station - Kyengera, Busega Roundabout, Nateete Market, and back to IUIU.

MD UBA and Minister Balaam

Upon their return, participants were treated to free Krystal natural mineral water, food (rice and chicken) provided by the Al-Bayan Foundation, Sumz snacks, and sanitary pads (QiPads) at various tents and stalls set up at the pitch, ensuring they were well-hydrated and nourished after the run.


Director's Address: Assoc. Prof. Hajjat Dr. Nabukeera Madinah Sebyala

"I want to begin by thanking Almighty Allah for enabling us to be here today. Thank you very much for making it here; your presence has made our run possible, and you have supported the girl child. We have worked with several partners, including our banks: UBA Uganda, Stanbic Bank, Tropical Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, DFCU Bank, and Cairo Bank. Thank you for being partners in education. We have also collaborated with numerous stakeholders, including IUIU suppliers and others like Sumz Snacks. When you buy anything snack-related, please choose Sumz Snacks, Krystal Natural Mineral Water; they have been part of this cause.

 For transportation, please use Faras Boda; they have also supported us. We have worked with media houses such as Salam TV, BBS Terefayina, Bukedde TV, CBS FM, Voice of Africa, Pearl Radio, and Radio 4. I want to request you all to put your hands together and clap for Minister Balam, the Minister for Youth and Children, who provided us with media support through Radio 4. You have heard us all over Uganda because of his efforts. Thank you for being here; I cannot thank you enough.

 Mr. Rector, sir, you gave me the responsibility to take care of this place, and I believe you are a witness to the good care I have taken of IUIU Females Campus, Kabojja. I am honored by your presence. Primary and secondary schools are all here. This is a place for the girl child, tailored specifically as the Islamic University in Uganda Females Campus.

 Let me introduce the Run for Girl Child Committee 2024: Ms. Nakazibwe Faridah Kyambadde – Chairperson, Afan Wakinyankali – Member, Mr. Kizito Abdul – Content creator, Hajjat Nassolo Asiat – Member, Hajjat Nakamya Sophie – Member, Mr. Ngabolho Amri – Member, Sania Nakya – Member, Mr. Kule Mudashiru – Member, Mr. Kinsambwe Rashid, Ms. Lucky Munah – Member. Etc"

Rector's Address: Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda

"Alhamdulillah, in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, I take this opportunity to first thank Almighty Allah for having us here today, under this beautiful African sun, at this vibrant and attractive campus. Honorable Minister of Youth and Children Affairs, Honorable Balam, thank you for waking up early to join us. We can only pray that God blesses you in your honorable responsibility recently bestowed upon you by His Excellency. May you serve with honor and blessings.

I also want to recognize the Mufti of Uganda, represented by Shekhat Radhia Ssemakula, who has committed to buying 10 kits of 50,000 UGX for this run. We thank the Mufti for his support. The MD of UBA, Ms. Chioma Mang, is here to support us, along with Stanbic Bank. We also thank the other partners the Director has mentioned, who have all supported this cause.

We appreciate the media houses: Salam TV, Radio 4, Bukedde, and UBC. We also thank the schools represented here: Kinaawa, Kibuli SS, Kawempe Muslim SS, Nabisunsa, Green Light SS, Qamar High School, Top Times High School, and many more. Additionally, we acknowledge the support of individuals from the State House, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other sectors.

IUIU is celebrating its 37th year, and we have grown significantly. We started small in Mbale at the former Nkoma Secondary School with only 80 students. Now, we have over 10,000 students across four campuses: the Main Campus in Mbale, the Kampala Campus at Kibuli, the Arua Campus in Westline, and this beautiful Females Campus at Kabojja. I want to thank the energetic Director for starting the Girls Run three years ago. This is our third edition, and it is growing rapidly. All the money collected from these runs supports children. In 2022, we supported six girls; in 2023, we supported 103 girls. We hope to support several hundred girls this year who would otherwise drop out of school.

With these few words, I want to welcome our Minister and ask him to share a few words before we flag off."

Chief Runner's Address: Hon. Dr. Balam Barugahara Ateenyi

"The Rector of IUIU, the Mufti of Uganda, the Director of Islamic University in Uganda Females Campus, my friend Dr. Nabukeera, the Managing Director of UBA Uganda, and other directors of various banks, sponsors such as UBA, Stanbic Bank, Tropical Bank, FARAS, Krystal, Salam TV, Radio 4, and all other generous donors. I am glad to be here and thank you all for participating in this important cause. We are not running for fun; we are running for the girl child. I want to acknowledge the growth of this initiative: the first edition raised 8 million UGX, the second edition raised 21 million UGX, and my friend projects 250 million UGX for this third edition. Hopefully, you have raised it.

Next year will be a year of challenges and campaigns. I will tell my people during campaigns to look here, as these are 10,000 solid votes that we cannot ignore. As the Government of Uganda, we aim to achieve development goals where the girl child participates actively in the transformation and economic activities of Uganda. Recently, we obtained a loan of $217 million (approximately 850 billion UGX) from the World Bank for the Grow Project for women in business. This money is in our Ministry of Gender and the Private Sector Foundation. Students with small businesses can access these funds.

I started a small business while studying for my Bachelor of Commerce and I never fell out. Now, I have numerous business portfolios in Uganda, including five radio stations, with one opening in Mbale soon. We will support you whenever you have these kinds of campaigns. We have radio stations in Kampala, Masaka, Masindi, and Juba, South Sudan.

Regarding the recent UBOS Census results, young people between 0-17 years make up over 50% of the population, and those between 17-30 years make up about 22%. This is a significant demographic, and we must work with you and hear from you to perform better and meet your expectations. At Islamic University in Uganda, I noticed that your roads are quite challenging. With the Nakawuka-Nateete road coming up soon, I will advocate in the cabinet to extend the road to the university to reduce dust.

I wish you a good run, and I declare this year's run officially started. Let's run together and hope we make it in time."

Event's Impact and Future Prospects

The "Run for Girl Education" is an annual event initiated by the Islamic University in Uganda (Females’ Campus) in 2022. It aims to improve access to higher education for female students, promote inclusivity in education, and contribute to national development by addressing cultural and societal factors that lead to increased university dropout rates among female students.

Since its inception, the event has grown significantly, and the funds raised have positively impacted the lives of many young girls. In 2022, the event supported six girls, and by 2023, it had supported 103 girls. The projections for 2024 are even higher, with hopes of supporting several hundred girls who would otherwise be unable to afford education.


The IUIU Females Campus Run for Girl Child 2024 was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of community and collaboration in supporting girls' education. The event not only raised significant funds but also heightened awareness about the importance of educating the girl child. The IUIU community and its partners remain committed to this noble cause, ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to pursue her education and contribute to national development.