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  • 05th May, 2020 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

Islamic University in Uganda is providing free iftar to over 250 International students staying on campus during this Holy month of Ramathan.

According to the Assistant University Secretary, Mr. Kinsambwe Rashid, the initiative has been put in place to support the students who could not travel back to their home countries due to the novel Corona Virus outbreak.

“As a University we realize that some students might be facing financial hardship as a result of being far away from their homes and yet they have to observe the holy month of Ramadhan” He stated.

Mr. Kinsambwe and the Dean of students Dr. Sulait Dauda Kabaali had earlier met with leaders of the International students days before the start of Ramadhan to make arrangements on how the iftar program will run.

“We held a joint brief meeting with different chairpersons of students from different Nationalities to make arrangements for the iftar, and we agreed that Hawaz restaurant prepares meals for the students” he added.

The Assistant University Secretary however warned students against overcrowding at the cafeteria stating that this will sabotage the government directive of social distancing.

“We have directed the cafeteria and the student leaders to make sure that the students observe the social distancing and avoid overcrowding at the food point. That is why we have given them one and half an hour to pick their food (between 5:00 and 6:30)” Mr. Kinsambwe explained.

He further said that the timing is also to allow the service providers observe Government directives on Curfew time.

Speaking to Bright Malenga, a second year Malawian student pursuing Bachelors of Mass Communication, he says the University’s iftar programme is a blessing to them as students because they were facing financial hardships as money would delay reaching them due to lockdown in their countries.

In addition, Zam Zam Ali, a Kenyan remedial student says the University has done them a parental role noting that it had become difficult to access food markets yet Ramadhan is a time when one needs to settle down and do more of taubah to Allah.

According to Abdulkadir .A. Mohamed, a Somalian student pursuing Master of Environmental Science, other institutions or organizations should emulate IUIU. He further thanked the University Administration for caring and showing love to them as International students who are locked up in a foreign country during this dire situation.

IUIU has international students from over 21 countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Somalia, Rwanda, DRC, Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi and Comoros, Djibouti among others.