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  • 28th January, 2021 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Rector of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Professor Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda has encouraged University students to aspire in broadening their knowledge by developing interest in other study areas especially in disciplines that directly affect our communities and the world at large other than only focusing on their fields of study which he says may affect their employment opportunities.

Professor Gyagenda made the remarks recently during a studentís address on the impact of USA politics on Africa and the world economy under the theme ďUnderstanding USA Politics and the Trump Phenomenon" at the Universityís Main Campus Mbale.

His call stems from a question he asked the¬† students converged at the Universityís management shade about¬† the¬† US election and its impact on Africaís economy¬† and only a few Political science students gave satisfying responses.

"I am surprised that only a few of you can tell me what is going on around the world, yet these are things that affect or shape our economic, political and social life. I suggest that let us desist from putting all our heads in one basket where one has to only concentrate on his or her field of study. For example, because you are studying Human Resource Management, you only concentrate on content and research related to that, what if at the end of the day you donít be lucky enough to excel in that field so how are you going to survive in the job market."

The rector emphasized the need for students to leave IUIU premises as complete intellectuals with vast knowledge in several areas who will be able to survive in the challenging world of unemployment and also create significant impact in the communities, they stay in.

On USA politics, Prof.Gyagenda said it is important to understand the political ground of the country because it is the worldís icon of democracy whose failure will greatly affect most democracies in Africa and Uganda in particular.

The Rector has stayed in the USA (Atlanta-Georgia) for over 27 years as both a student and an Educationist emphasized that the change of leadership in the USA has both benefits and disadvantages on world politics and economy.