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  • 03rd February, 2021 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

Islamic Center for Education and Research (ICFER) has donated two boreholes to the Islamic University in Uganda and the neighboring community.

One of the boreholes meant for the community was commissioned and handed over on 30th January 2021 while the second one that will use solar power to pump and distribute water to the University is expected to be completed in a fortnight.

The IUIU Clark of Works Mr. Omodo Yusuf Demonstrate to the community members the proper way of  pumping water during the commissioning recently.

During the commissioning of the borehole in the presence of several community members led by the area chairperson Mr. Mubaje Rashid, the ICFER representative Mr. Sekakooza Uthman commended the University for providing land to set up a project that will continue helping the community.

“I am aware that IUIU is always on the forefront of supporting the community and the borehole we are handing over today is an IUIU gift to you because it is them who presented to us the need for such a community facility and on top of that also availed the space where it has been put,” Sekakooza stated.

The ICFER representative recommended that the residents come together and develop a communal plan on how they will maintain the borehole.

“This is an expensive venture to put up and maintain, so I advise that with the help of your area L.C. I, come up with a proper plan on how you will manage, maintain or repair this borehole in case it breaks down” he added.

Mr. Sekakooza also took the community through the process of how to use the borehole to avoid unnecessary breakdown.

The University bursar Mr. Waira Bumali who represented the Rector at the event lauded ICFER for donating in terms of water facility to the University and the community around.

“On behalf of the Islamic University in Uganda and the Rector, I take this opportunity to thank Islamic Center for Education and Research (ICFER) for giving IUIU a push in serving the community. As a university, it is our corporate responsibility to give back to the community and we will always use any opportunity available to carry on such role.” He explained.

Mr. Waira further urged the community to handle the facility with the utmost care and not be wasteful with the water if they are to continue benefiting from it.

While giving a vote of thanks for the donation on behalf of the community members, the area Local council I chairperson Mr. Mubaje Rashid expressed gratitude for the substantial endowment to his community.

He promised to fully monitor the water project and ensure its safety and proper management.

The other IUIU team members present during the commissioning include; the IUIU Clark of works Mr. Omodo Yusuf, a representative from the University secretary’s office, and the Public Relations Office.