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  • 09th March, 2021 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

Covid-19 has created a new normal which requires academic institutions, just as other institutions, to change the plan. Such plans include graduation ceremonies that have traditionally been physical especially in many, if not all African Universities.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the tradition of gathering in one place has changed due to limited number of participants allowed to attend the ceremony. According to the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Ministry of Health, no gathering is allowed to exceed 200 people.

Virtual graduation comes in handy to bridge the gap by enabling institutions to graduate its students without violating SOPs.

However, many graduands hate the idea of virtual graduation ceremony without looking at the good that comes with it. For instance, while physical graduations are fun, they limit a number of participants at the venue of the ceremony, which may not be the case with virtual graduation.

The online ceremonies give graduands an opportunity to host as many family members and friends as possible to celebrate with them. All you have to do is make the best out of the ceremony and enjoy your long awaited moment.

Like it was during the Islamic University in Ugandaís 28th graduation, the 29thgraduation is also going to be virtual. The University has made arrangements to live stream the ceremony on all social media platforms using zoom and Microsoft Teams to bring all the graduands, parents, friends, University staff and all the guests together.

All graduands, friends, and families are invited to gather online as the University confers degrees for undergraduate and graduate students. The coverage shall be linked to the University online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, including live broadcasts on radio and television for all your family and friends to follow.

Besides that, the University now runs a special page on the website where messages from speakers, graduate profiles, graduating students and award winners shall be published for all to see. Graduates shall share their moments on all the University social media platforms before, during and after graduation.

Islamic University in Uganda therefore calls upon all the graduands to appreciate virtual ceremony by thinking about how monumental graduation is in their lives. A graduation is a doorway from one phase of life to another.

Remember that every human being has his/her share of the contribution to humanity. People are out there waiting for your services, skills, and expertise; and the best way to start your service is by enjoying your day and appreciating the efforts you put in during your academic journey. Listening to the speeches to the end is important because they will guide on how to start life after graduation.

Come 27th, March 2021, prepare to cheer yourself and dressing to kill so that you can represent yourself visually and virtually. Congratulations to you all.