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  • 10th March, 2021 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

The Mbale Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Ms. Watuwa Pamela has encouraged the female students of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) to fully embrace and concentrate on education if women are to achieve gender parity in all Uganda’s development sectors.

She made the remarks while gracing a ceremony to commemorate the International Women’s Day held on 8th March 2021 at the University’s main campus Mbale.

“Education is a great game-changer for girls and women around the world. We are not doing well in most sectors. I can give you an example. in Uganda, we have very few women who are in the procurement sector. why? because even if we call for jobs, women don’t show up. So, for us to be able to compete, we must see a girl child in a classroom.” Watuwa echoed.

The RCC said that women must work collaboratively to make a greater impact in the world. According to Watuwa, women are strong enough to make an impact even in the current COVID-19 pandemic time but this can be achieved only if they get united, confident, and believe in themselves.

“The International Women’s Day theme for Uganda is ‘Building on Women Strength for the better future in COVID-19 world.' One woman can make a difference but together we can develop the world,” she added.

In her remarks, The Principle of Uganda Christian University- Mbale Campus, Mary Manana who was the Guest Speaker urged the students to always follow their dreams. 

“Choose to challenge. Pursue a course that you want to do. Do something that will create opportunities for you as well as benefit the community. Insist in doing what you know is best for you.” Manana emphasized.

The University Public Relations Officer Ms. Kantono Rehema revealed that IUIU as a university has seen an increase in the number of female graduates. she adds that having such big numbers of educated women in the society is an indication that they are ready to take up and head multiple government entities and private sectors.

“The number of female graduates at IUIU has kept increasing. For instance, during the 28th Graduation of the Islamic University in Uganda held on 30th Dec 2020, more girls graduated than boys. This gives me a ray of hope that we are striving hard and headed for a challenge.” Kantono said.

She encouraged the girls to consider self-respect, discipline, and good morals as the major principles in their life noting that with those, one is bound to do well wherever she goes. 

The University student’s female representative (Guild Lady Vice) H.E Nakibuule Fatimah encouraged her fellow students to prepare themselves for the future by making education their priority. She further advised them to emulate the successful woman holding several top positions at IUIU and other Institutions. 

The glamorous soiree that involved show casing of talents like modelling and poetry among others brought together several female government dignitaries, university Academicians, secondary school teachers, university and secondary school students.