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  • 27th May, 2021 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Professor Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda has heartened Muslims globally to continuously pray and seek Allahs deliverance from the covid 19 pandemic that continue to ravage most parts of the world.

 Professor Gyagenda made the call while delivering his eid message to a congregation at IUIU Main Campus-Mbale during the Eid al-Fitr prayers that is celebrated annually to close the holy month of Ramadhan.

“To all the Muslims gathered here today and the others in different parts of Uganda and the world over, we need to understand that no matter how much we try, no one, not even the scientists will deliver us from this global pandemic apart from Allah, it is him we need to turn to at all times. It is Allah who gives knowledge to the scientists and physicians who are trying their best to find an ending solution. So that means it is him we need to certainly seek deliverance from,” Gyagenda stated.

The rector further urged Muslims to be good examples and champion the fight against the pandemic by practicing all the standered operating procedures (SOPs) as put forward by different health departments and governments.

“Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) preached the importance of travel bans and quarantine in places contaminated with disease in order to lessen the spread of illness. So, when our authorities set similar conditions that will in most cases affect our normal lives, let us take it with positivity because it is for our own good.” the rector said.

He also encouraged Ugandans to embrace the government program of vaccination against covid 19 noting that he has already been vaccinated.  Professor Gyagenda also accentuated the spirit of sharing among Muslims during the eid feast. “share the little you have with those who don't so that you can put a smile on their faces on this special day," he said.

The IUIU Rector additionally hailed the academic and non-academic staff of the University for their understanding during COVID-19 period considering the various challenges the institution has gone through.