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  • 03rd November, 2018 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

Islamic University in Uganda has finalised plans to set up a modern Agricultural research centre at the University farm situated several kilometres off Mbale- Kampala highway.


This was revealed by the University rector Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Sengendo shortly after a meeting between the university’s top Management and a team of Agricultural specialists from Putra Agricultural University of Malaysia recently at the main campus Mbale.


Dr. Sengendo mentioned that IUIU will collaborate with the Malaysia’s top Agricultural University to commercialise the Institution’s vast lands and set up profitable ventures which will not only aid research and academics to the country in the Agricultural fields but also generate revenues for the institution.


“With the help of our Malaysian friends from Putra Agricultural University and AMAL foundation of Malaysia, the university is determined to establish one of the best Agricultural research centres in Uganda; plans are already set as according to our meetings with the Malaysian team and God willing by august 2019 the project will start” Sengendo stated.


The AMAL Foundation President Hajj Hussin Ismail pointed out that the establishment of the research centre is a starting point for IUIU to role in post graduate, master and PHD programmes in Agricultural field.


“When we accomplish establishing the centre, we shall now do more of educational collaboration with Putra Agricultural University through exchange programmes and scholarship to train students at masters and PhD levels in agricultural fields” Hajj Hussin said.


He further explained that the project will help the University produce its own professional man-power to manage the centre rather than seeking external expertise.


The University Farm manager Dr. Kigongo Haruna who expressed excitement about the project revealed that this is the first step in the initial plan to establish the Faculty of Agriculture and medicine at the farm.


“The AMAL Delegation came at the right time because we have long been having plans to put up the faculty of agriculture and medicine here at the farm” Kigongo stated.


The farm Manger also explained that with the mechanisation and commercialisation of the over 340 hectare farm, major challenges like water supply through the farm will be handled by irrigation.


He envisions that with time,fruit processing factory will also be put up to help preserve fruits especially mangoes and oranges that are grown at the farm which will minimise wastage.


Dr.Kigongo further revealed that they will introduce green house farming technology; a modern farming practice common in European countries that involves growing crops especially vegetables in a controlled environment.


“In Uganda we depend  on natural rains which are seasonal and when these seasons go, there is no much we do in regards to farming so with green house technology, the farm will be producing crops almost all year round”  he noted.



The General Manager AMAL Foundation Hajj Salleh Farmin expressed their commitment to the project through financial support and assured its success with not only their effort as a foundation but through collaboration with other potential stake holders like Islamic Bank of Malaysia(Mwamalat Bank) and Foreign Trade Bank(FTB) among others in Dubai to help accomplish the project.


He however noted that this is an initiative not only to create friendship and develop the University but also to promote Islam through Dawa activities like empowering the local Muslim communities who will have a chance to benefit from the project.


“AMAL foundation is a Muslim nongovernmental organisation whose main goal is to carry out DAWA activities; so we want this project to also benefit the local Muslim community. If they are willing, together with the University; we will help train them in the field of agriculture so that they can generate money for their wellbeing” Hajj Salleh said.


He conclusively revealed that besides the main project at the university farm, they will further coordinate with IUIU’s department of Sharia to introduce more Dawa related educational programmes.


The Malaysian team where on their First visit to the University following three years of longstanding friendship with the Islamic Institution.