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  • 14th June, 2021 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) says it is committed to continuing working with the University of Bosaso (UB) in Somalia.

The remarks were made by the IUIU Vice-Rector Academic Affairs Dr. Jamil Serwanga recently during a farewell dinner for two staff from the University, Madam Fawsiyo Abdullahi Elmi and Mr. Yusuf Abdirahman Jama who were at IUIU for their sabbatical. 

The IUIU VRAA Dr. Jamil Serwanga(right) and the IUIU Academic Regisrar Dr. Halima Wakabi Akbar (left) hands a certificate to the University of Bosaso staff during the farewell dinar

We hope that having worked with IUIU and interacted with its wide spectrum you have learned a lot to showcase in UB. Despite the COVID19 impact, we shall continue to enhance our collaborations through online interaction on research and other community outreach programs and projects, Dr. Jamil said.

The Vice-rector challenged the two staff to put into practice the skills and experience they have learned from IIUIU during the three months' stay for the betterment of their respective departments when they go back.

We are grateful you have told us that you have gotten enough experience and expertise to enable your team to transform UB. And we also know that Some of the experiences may not be applicable in UB but we are glad that you have developed a cooperative analysis to establish the differences, Dr. Serwanga added. 

The IUIU Academic Registrar (AR) Dr. Halima Wakabi Akbar commended the UB staff for their continuous effort to take the university to greater heights. 

I am privileged to have visited this University and I must say that I was impressed by the way they work, their need and effort to put the University at the next level is absolute, Dr. Halima revealed.

The AR lauded the Somalia university for sending staff to spend their sabbatical at IUIU, noting that this shows the trust and confidence they have in IUIU in terms of Academic strength and capacity building. 

We have an MoU with the University of Bosaso to collaborate in various areas including education, research, and capacity building among others, so by choosing to send their staff here for their sabbatical demonstrates the progress of our MoU and the good relationship we have developed over the years, she stated.

While delivering her speech on behalf of the UB , Madam Fawsiyo Abdullahi Elmi, the Universitys pioneer Academic Registrar revealed that they have not only gained work-related experience but have also made friends and had an adventure in a new environment. 

On behalf of the UB, I would like to appreciate what IUIU has done for us. We thank you for allowing us to work with you and honestly, we have gained a lot. All the offices have been friendly and helpful in providing information. It has demonstrated that we can benefit a lot when we work together, we pray that this continues, she said. 

The two including Mr.Yusuf Abdirahman Jama who is the University Bursar were sent to IUIU to benchmark, interact and learn in another University environment to enhance their skill and expertise in their respective departments.