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  • 15th June, 2021 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda Rector Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda has called upon Muslim leaders in Bugisu, Sebei, and Bukedi sub-regions to be transparent and accountable if they are to develop their respective communities.

The rector made the call recently during an acquaintance meeting with the Muslim leaders composed of the Regional Kadh, District Kadhs, Twale sheiks, Imams, and Amirats held at IUIU main campus Mbale. 

Muslim leaders from Eastern region pose for a group photo with the Rector Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda (center in grey jacket), VRAA and other IUIU staff after the meeting

I want to inform you that the members in our communities have completely lost trust in us because as their leaders we are not honest and transparent. they have trusted many leaders with their little money, and other resources with the aim of growth but they have been disappointed at the end of the day because you have misused their little resources or have not delivered to their expectations, He stated.


Prof. Gyagenda revealed that he has seen scenarios at the mosque level where Imams or sheiks have asked for contributions from the congregation towards improving or building a mosque, paying water or electricity bills, buying mosque mats but when the ummah contributes, the money is pocketed and one or even none of these is done.


How do you request for money for power and they contribute but the next day the mosque is in darkness, Subhan Allah! This is the highest level of untruthfulness you can show to your followers and honestly do you expect the Muslimah to trust you another time? because of such acts even when you come up with developmental projects that need their support another time, they will not go for, the rector said.


Prof. Gyagenda called upon Muslim leaders to rethink themselves, realize their purpose in life, work together, and know their religious obligation to the Ummah and put all that into practice if they are to regain their trust and positively impact their communities.

He praised the leaders for their continued support to the University and asked them to take the institution as their own so that collectively they can push it to greater heights.


Meanwhile, the IUIU Vice Rector Academic Affairs (VRAA) Dr. Jamil Serwanga paid a visit to the Muslim communities of the Ankole-Kigezi sub-region to introduce the university and its opportunities to the region and also see how it can engage and support the Muslims especially in community projects. 

During the visit, the Vice Rector accompanied held an engagement meeting with the regions Muslim leaders at the regional headquarters and discussed several other issues including possibilities of collaboration in areas of research and capacity building for the Muslim leaders. 

 He also visited several Islamic Primary and Secondary schools.