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Research, Publication and Innovation

The Islamic University in Uganda engages in teaching, research and knowledge transfer; and it strives to be among the best universities in Africa. Research, being a core activity of the University takes center-stage in the realization of this goal. As part of its implementation strategies in the realization of this goal, the University established the Directorate of Research, Publications and Innovation (RPI) in 2012.

The Directorate RPI works under the Research Coordination Committee (RCC) which is headed by the Vice Rector in charge of academic affairs. The RCC stimulates, streamlines, and coordinates research at the University; enhances research skills; promotes funding opportunities, research and innovation; approves research guidelines, and facilitates publication of research. It coordinates the development and implementation of research policies. The Directorate RPI works hand-in-hand with faculties and the Center for Postgraduate Studies to organize seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings on research in order to reinforce a research culture among students and staff at the University. It is also committed to supporting students and staff in acquisition of grants proposal writing skills to enable them compete for research grants. The Directorate promotes and facilitates publication of scientific work.

At IUIU, research is a requirement for the fulfilment of degree programs at various academic levels; and it is also a key condition for academic staff promotion. However, these should not be ends in themselves but the practice of research should be a...

Dr. Maimuna Nimulola

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Mission Statement

The DRPI aspires to provide unsurpassed services to support management, development and promotion of research and capacity development within the University, the country, the region and the world as a whole.


The Vision of DRPI is to be the best in sub-Saharan Africa while serving as a catalyst for innovation and technology transfer that are focused on development, empowering communities and solving their needs.