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    Islamic University in Uganda, Kumi Road, P.O.BOX 2555 Mbale

Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

The faculty opened its door on Feb 10th 1988 with 40 students. so was the case even in the third batch of Oct 1988 to which I belong.

at that time there were 2 departments, namely; dept of Islamic Studies ad department of Arabic and other languages. Here we had Arabic French and English. Later on, German followed and then Swahili. But at the introduction of the latter, those other languages ceased to be housed by FISAL but by FASS.

The faculty has three active departments; dept of Arabic Language, Dept of Islamic Studies and Dept of Shariah. Our courses range from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters to PhD. 

Mission Statement

To equip Muslims with Islamic education in order to make them better citizens who will be successful in this world and in the Hereafter. 


The Faculty of FISAL seeks to be a leading center in the East African Region generating knowledge producing experts in Islamic Sciences through teaching and research in order to enhance the welfare of their communities.