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Electronic Voting Management System


This is a one-stop Elections Management system, especially applicable to clubs and Academic instituional elections that require single site voting. It enables a voter register to be created, Voters to obtain secret voting numbers and to vote for specific posts specified and to instantateneously  obtain results at the end of voting.

The votes are secured by a 3 password GUARANTEE system that requires all 3 guarantees to sign in before the system can start or lock the voting exercise.


  1. In the case of academic institutions, voter data can be imported from an existing Information System like the Academica ERP.
  2. Posts and candidates are entered into the system at the time of election initialisation
  3. 3 Sureties are needed to lock the voting system to ensure that no single party can access the actual results till all 3 have logged in to open the vote.
  4. Depending on the designated end time for the voting, the system automatically closes the polling
  5. Each voter is then assigned a secret number that has single use only. The number is randomly generated and has 14 digits for ensuring non-forgeability
  6. The  results are instantaneously displayed per position


Technical Specifications:

The system is developed on the PHP Platform with the following requirements:

  • Install XAMP or WAMP....latest version.
  • PHP Minnimum Version 5.0
  • Install mysql administrator/broswer.