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  • 25th December, 2021 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read
The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has celebrated the selfless service of the late Ms. Victoria Muwonge Mukiibi, one of the pioneer staff of the IUIU.
The Vice-Rector Academic Affairs, Dr. Jamil Serwanga, one of the students taught by Ms. Mukiibi in the late 1980s, made the remarks during the memorial lecture held at IUIU Main Campus in Mbale City. He said the history of IUIU is incomplete without mentioning the name of late Ms. Mukiibi, who diligently served the University for over 30 years. “The history of the Islamic University in Uganda is incomplete without mentioning Ms. Victoria Muwonge Mukiibi, who contributed a lot to this University’s development. She had a passion and love for her job. Ms. Mukiibi mentored me to study for my Ph.D.,” the Vice-Rector (AA) said.
According to Dr. Serwanga, other contributions of  Ms. Mukiibi to IUIU’s Faculty of Education include introducing micro-teaching on the curriculum alongside the school practice supervision and opening of the school practice among the Bachelor of Education external students to uphold the legacy of the Islamic University in Uganda.
Seconding the Vice-Rector (AA), the Dean of Faculty Education, Dr. Amina Hassan, said Ms. Muwonge was a professional at the Islamic University in Uganda. “Ms. Mukiibi taught for over 30 years, but she was professional throughout her career. She instilled the professionalism aspect in her students. She was championing good morals because she always said a good academician must always champion good morals. She has left a legacy in IUIU and the world over,” Dr. Amina Hassan, who Ms. Mukiibi also taught, testified.
Cementing on Dr. Hassan’s sentiments, Dr. Nimulola Maimuna, the Director of Research, Publications, and Innovation at IUIU, said Ms. Mukiibi contributed a lot to the ranking of the institution’s teachers. “IUIU graduates best teachers because of Ms. Muwonge’s efforts and the foundation she gave to the faculty. During her stay at the Faculty of Education, she ensured that both staff and students upheld ethical values. “She had the faculty and the students at heart; that’s why IUIU teachers are ranked among the best in the country,” said Dr. Nimulola, another student of Ms. Mukiibi. The Director of Research and Publications urged other IUIU staff to emulate Ms. Mukiibi’s personality to create a legacy to be remembered. 
Mr. Eldad Muwonge, a brother to the late Ms. Mukiibi, commended IUIU for organizing the memorial lecture. Mr. Muwonge also hailed the University for taking care of his departed sister when she was a worker of the University and when she was sick. Ms. Mukiibi was born in 1956 in Kyabazaala- Kayunga District. She succumbed to cancer on 7th October 2021, leaving behind four children. She was one of the pioneer staff who joined the Islamic University in Uganda in 1988, where she served selflessly until her time death. 
Ms. Mukiibi attained a Diploma in Education from Makerere University in 1979 (Uganda). In 1986, she acquired a Bachelor of Science Education from Regional College of Education in 1986 (India), Master of Education (Science Teaching and Curriculum Development) from Regional College of Education in 1987  (India). By the time she died, Ms. Victoria was a Ph.D. in Education student in the Faculty of Education in IUIU. During her journey at IUIU, she served in various positions, including Acting Dean Faculty of Education and Head of Department Curriculum and Instruction.