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  • 20th November, 2018 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

A team from the Inter University council of East Africa has commended Islamic University in Uganda for its affordable and quality education in the region.

 This was at the sideline of a three days peer review meeting specifically for the Faculty of Law at the University Postgraduate lounge in Mbale recently.

 Contrasted with other regional academic institutions, the six-member team comprising academic experts from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania led by Professor Chiceri Preston from the university of Nairobi, cited IUIU as the most affordable institution in terms of fees structure and social amenities with an excellent educational service.

 When you compare the financial requirements for other Universities especially those I personally know in Nairobi and other parts of Africa, you will find out that IUIUs is far more affordable, Professor Chiceri observed.

During the review, the team had interactive sessions with Students, Alumni, Support staff, Department heads, the Dean from the law faculty and the University top administration.

Their exercise indicated that the institutions religious way of operation and moral principles is the ploy behind its academic excellence and students discipline.

While hosting the team to a dinar, the university rector Dr Ahmed Kawesa Sengendo noted that IUIU is open to any form of evaluation as long as it is in line with the guidelines of the National Council of Higher Education.

 As a university our doors are open to any checks and balances as long as it aims at improving our performance as an academic institution, he explained.

The rector revealed that IUIU has always received educational experts both from within and outside the country.

Recently we have been visited by a team from the National Council of Higher Education, the Parliamentary committee investigating on sexual harassments in schools, the ministry of Education and Agricultural specialists from Putra Agricultural University of Malaysia among others, Sengendo recalled.

 He explained that it is upon reports from such visits that the University Administration makes improvements where needed. He further revealed that IUIU has currently enlisted students from over 20 countries who are sharing experiences of their diverse cultural backgrounds.