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  • 15th March, 2019 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

A mammoth  of students who turned up for the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Career Expo at the Islamic university in Uganda have been  encouraged to be creative and and embrace saving if they are to beat the unemployment challenge after graduation.

The call was made by the NSSF manager Uganda Mr. Mwebaza Laurence while giving his presentation at the climax of the 2019 edition on Friday 15th March at the universitys main campus Mbale.


It is vital to always create something unique that will earn you a living than seeking for jobs from the government and private entity said Laurence

He revealed that most students get desperate after school due to lack of jobs and end up getting exploited by individuals who have selfish interest.

Especially you ladies, you are victims of what am talking about. Men will lie to you that they are giving you jobs, make use of you then later sack you he added

He noted that its a high time lady get to know their worth and identify their capabilities by learning hands on skills than being dependants.

During the Career Expo, Mentors, successful Entrepreneurs and Motivation speakers across the country share their experience, business ideas and answer questions from students.

Mr. Naminya Saleh, a renowned entrepreneur and the chief Executive officer of casa de tourista, a tour and travel company in Eastern Uganda emphasized the need for students to use social media platforms for financially benefiting activities than gossips.

Today the world has revolved, the internet has united us, we can do business through social media platforms. But to my dismay, most people use it for gossip Saleh said.

He explained that as an elite, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp should be used to build business and career network, connecting with people across the globe to share ideas and sell products.

I operate a tour and travel company but I want to sincerely tell you that my success came through the use of internet where I connect with clients who have never been to Uganda he added.

Ms. Lillian Mutungi the brand and Marketing officer of NSSF explained that the purpose of the annual career expo is to reach students as they prepare to face the world besides creating awareneness about different works of NSSF.

Other partners of the event include Daily Monitor, Post Bank, Ability Explored and NTV Uganda.