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IUIU Welcomes Oxford High School Students at Main Campus

  • 24th November, 2022 11:36am
  • 2 minutes read

On 17th November 2022, IUIU ICT Department at the Main Campus welcomed students of Oxford High School which is located in Mbale City. A-Level students from Oxford High school visited the IUIU ICT department and IUIU FM Radio Station to see how IUIU has adopted ICT/ Digitalisation process to support education (teaching and learning), bussiness/ work operations and research.

The Oxford High School students were led by their ICT Teacher Ms. Faridah Kayegi, and were recieved at IUIU by the Head of Department ICT Dr. Chemisto Musa and staff who included Mr. Aramadhan Chekwoti, Mr. Wamubirigwe Hassan and Mr. Shahali Mugamba. The students toured the following places at IUIU Mbale Campus

  1. ICT Department and Server Rooms Data Center
  2. IUIU FM Radio Station and its studios
  3. ERP office and ICT Workshop
  4. Main University Boardroom where Online and Physical meetings are held
  5. eLearning lecture rooms such as the PhD Lounge 
  6. Administration Block


All the Oxford High School students undertake Computer as subject, and they stated that they would like to enroll for IT courses and Mass Communucation or Journalism courses in University. The Oxford High School organised a school tour of IUIU so that their students can make good career choices knowing what Universities like IUIU are doing with IT and Journalism courses. 

A part of community outreach and awareness programmes, IUIU hosts schools visits at the University. In 2022, IUIU ICT Department has hosted Resiliant High School and Oxford High School students at the University.