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Ssebunya Shafie Secures Landslide Victory in Guild Election

  • 25th March, 2024 2:14pm
  • 2 minutes read

Ssebunya Shafie, from the Faculty of Science, emerged victorious in the recent guild election held on Saturday 23rd March 2024 at the Islamic university in Uganda's main campus.

Shafie's triumph marked a significant comeback after facing defeat in the previous election, as he won the position of Guild President, garnering 1554 votes representing 91 percent of the votes, against 161 votes by Isabirye Suraka from the Faculty of Faisal,

Nabirye Aisha emerged victorious in a closely contested race for the Vice Lady position, defeating her opponent, Nabakwana Hafswa from the faculty of education.

Mr. Mukhwana Siraj, the University Coordinator, lauded the students for their active participation in the electoral process. He emphasized the commitment of all candidates to ensuring a fair and transparent election, affirming that each step was carried out with integrity.

Mr. Mukhwana urged all members of the university community to uphold peace and unity following the announcement of the election results. He extended gratitude to the university administration for their unwavering support and acknowledged the ERp department's role in facilitating the seamless conduct of e-voting.

The election was carried out through an online e-voting system, allowing registered students to cast their ballots from any location with internet access. This inclusive approach to voting ensured maximum participation and accessibility, contributing to the overall success of the electoral process.