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COMSTECH - Neurology Certificate Course

  • 04th April, 2024 1:46pm
  • 1 minute read

COMSTECH - Neurology Certificate Course

Date and Venue: April 23, 2024, Equator University of Science &Technology, Masaka, Uganda (Physical Participation only)

Date and Venue: April 24, 2024, Habib Medical School, Islamic University in Uganda, Kampala. (Physical and Virtual Participation)

Neurology, a branch of medicine dedicated to the study and management of disorders affecting the nervous system, holds profound significance in healthcare systems worldwide. In Africa, where the burden of neurological diseases is considerable and often compounded by socioeconomic factors, the role of neurology in healthcare delivery is particularly crucial. With an increasing recognition of the impact of neurological disorders, there is a growing need for specialized expertise and resources to address these complex conditions effectively.

Against this backdrop, the forthcoming workshop aims to equip healthcare professionals with essential knowledge and skills in neurology, covering a range of topics pertinent to the diagnosis, management, and prevention of neurological diseases.

Topics/Areas to be covered:

  • Global Epidemiology of Neurological Diseases, with a Focus on Africa
  • Approach to Neurology: Principles of History Taking and Physical Examination
  • Understanding CT Scans and MRI
  • Management of Stroke: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Strategies
  • Epilepsy: Evaluation, Classification, and Therapeutic Interventions
  • Management of Headache Disorders: including Migraine
  • Critical Care in Neurology
  • Central Nervous System Infections: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention Strategies

Resource Persons:

Registration Process:

  • For physical participation register at the following links:
    Equator University of Science &Technology, Masaka: https://forms.gle/7k3kBEZiM7VdDuob8
    Islamic University in Uganda, Kampala: https://forms.gle/KMqTPdW8MpGqzkrP8
    (Physical Participation is open only for participants from Uganda. The participants will need to arrange their own travel and local hospitality)
  • For virtual participation register at the following: https://forms.gle/DdjNVPT71iWXvE6p9
  • Read instructions in the application form carefully and submit a properly filled form.
  • Selected candidates will be notified through email; hence, applicants are required to check their emails regularly.

Technical Focal Person:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Wasay

COMSTECH Distinguished Scholar


Section of Neurology, The Agha Khan University, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan.