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Launch Event of the Third Edition of 'RUN FOR GIRL CHILD' 2024 at IUIU Kabojja

  • 08th June, 2024 10:30pm
  • 4 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Females’ Campus is proud to announce the launch of the third edition of the "RUN FOR GIRL CHILD" initiative. This significant event took place at IUIU Kabojja on Friday, 31st May 2024. It was graced by several esteemed guests led by Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda (Rector, IUIU), Hoziana Niyonsaba (Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, UBA Bank), Alim Jacqueline (Manager Relationships, Stanbic Bank), Karungi Renillah Lillian (Media Personnel, Faras), Mr. Samora Benard Musinguzi (Digital Manager - Radio4) - mainstream media (TV, radio, and print media) as well as social media personnel. The Rector, Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, was the Chief Guest of the event.

Assoc. Prof. Hajjat Dr. Madinah Nabukeera Sebyala, Director of IUIU Females’ Campus, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the support from distinguished guests, staff, students, and partners. She highlighted the importance of promoting girl child education and the significant role of the media in raising awareness during her welcome address.

Objectives and Achievements

The "RUN FOR GIRL CHILD EDUCATION" event aims to promote inclusive education and address cultural and societal challenges leading to university dropouts among female students. This initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education.

  • First Edition 2022: Raised UGX 8,000,000, benefiting eight students, with 923 participants.
  • Second Edition 2023: Raised UGX 21,215,000, supporting 106 students, with 2530 participants.

Target for the Third Edition

The third edition aims to raise UGX 276,000,000 to support 230 underprivileged female students. Participants will run 9.4 kilometers, starting and ending at the IUIU Females Campus-Kabojja, passing through Kyengera, Busega, and Nateete.

Unveiling of Kits by Mr. Amri Ngabolho

Mr. Amri Ngabolho unveiled the kits to the media and general public, announcing that kits are available at UGX 20,000, 30,000, and 50,000. Kits can be purchased at the following locations:

  1. All IUIU campuses
  2. IUIU offices at King Fahad Plaza
  3. Radio4 Ntinda
  4. FK Bridals at Senana Hypermarket, Buganda Road
  5. Faras, Bakuli - Namirembe Road opposite Victorious School
  6. Minatah’s Hijab Point, Ham Shopping Grounds, Block S shop No: 136 and Room 144
  7. Jilbab House, Old Kampala Mosque main gate

Acknowledgments and Future Partnerships

Prof. Hajjat Dr. Madinah expressed appreciation to the Government of Uganda, Hon. Dr. Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, the Rector of IUIU, and various sponsors and media houses for their continued support. This year's partners include Stanbic Bank, UBA Uganda, Tropical Bank, Faras, Radio 4, Sumz Snacks, Krystal Natural Mineral Water, QiPads, DFCU, Cairo Bank, Salam TV etc. She also invited partners to take over the naming rights for future editions.

Call to Action

The general public is encouraged to buy kits, provide financial and moral support, and participate in the run on Sunday, 30th June at IUIU Kabojja.

Statements from Partners

  • Ms. Jacqueline (Stanbic Bank): Emphasized the bank’s support for girls’ education and thanked IUIU for their partnership.
  • Ms. Hoziana (UBA): Celebrated UBA's 16 years in Uganda and their commitment to empowering the girl child.
  • Mr. Yunus Babuwaire (Tropical Bank): Announced internship and graduate programs for IUIU students.
  • Ms. Karungi Renillah Lillian (Faras): Encouraged the community to download the Faras app and pledged support for the initiative.
  • Mr. Samora Benard Musinguzi (Radio4): Stated, "As Radio4, we are committed to providing our full support until the conclusion of the event. We will diligently work to raise awareness of the event through our various social media platforms and on-air programs."
  • Mr. Jeff Musono (Sumz): Sumz Snacks will be providing snacks for the event on 30th June for up to 5000 runners/participants.
  • Ms. Ahumuza Comfort (Hariss): She was not present but sent communication from Hariss/Riham stating that they will provide enough water for all the runners on 30th June 2024.

Official Launch by Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda

Prof. Gyagenda officially launched the third edition of #RUN4GirlChild and purchased the first platinum kit. He emphasized IUIU’s commitment to empowering women, with many departments and faculties headed by women.

Prof. Nabukeera thanked the Government of Uganda for peace and stability and acknowledged Hon. Dr. Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi's support, announcing him as the Chief Runner on June 30th, 2024.