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  • 14th August, 2019 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda Vice-Rector in charge of Finance and Administration has implored freshers to keep discipline and stick to the university rules and regulation if they are to succeed Academically in the Islamic institution.

Prof. Abdul Kaziba Mpaata made the call during the closing ceremony of the orientation week of the first-year students at the university’s main campus Mbale.

 Professor Mpaata warned that while students think that at university one is free to do anything he or she wants, they should be mindful about discipline and maintaining of Islamic principals while here.

 “I know that for one to reach university level, he or she has matured enough but this does not give you the onus to behave any way you want because every community has rules that guide it and that is no difference with IUIU” he stated.

The vice-rector stressed that for Muslim students, IUIU is a favourable environment for them to learn more about the religion.

“I believe not all of you came from a proper Muslim environment or even went to Muslim schools in your lower educations. so, try as much as you can to use the two, three or four years of your stay here to both learn and practice your faith; we have a lot of sheikhs here who will help you,” said Prof. Mpaata.

He further encouraged students to associate with one another and create friendship of purpose especially with colleagues from different regions and countries so that they can learn new things outside their culture.

“IUIU has students from more than 21 countries across Africa, so it will be of advantage if you Picked a friend from different country than yours, for example, a Ugandan gets a Malawian friend, a Nigerian gets a Kenyan friend and so own,” he advised.

He conclusively congratulated the new students upon securing placements at Uganda’s top Islamic Institution and wished them a successful Academic year.

The one week long orientation program that started on Sunday, August 04th 2019 was headed by the office of the university student’s coordinator and the student’s guild body.

Among the activities that were done during the week long session where; a tour around campus, visiting of administrative offices, playing football, attending to speech sessions by different university administrative units and the election of the chief freshers among others.