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IUIU Maiden Medics Gain from European Exposure

  • 19th October, 2018 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

In a bid to produce world class doctors, Islamic University Habib Medical School mid this year dispatched its fourth year students to Istanbul Medeniyet University (IMU) Turkey, to obtain practical skills in a more advanced setting of European experiences.

The three months training had the medics attend several practical sessions with the Turkish University’s top professors in areas like paediatric surgery, emergency medicine, cardio vesicular surgery and laparoscopic surgery among others.

“We appreciated the different laparoscopic surgeries. In the radiology department, professor Adnan Kabaalioglu led us in abdominal sonography in trauma; a rapid bedside ultrasound examination performed by surgeons as a screening test for blood around the heart or abdominal organs after trauma” explained Mustafa Sakka, one of the beneficiaries and the students’ team leader.

The interns were further exposed to practical skills in Cardio vascular surgery on a patient and repairing of cut heart vessels. Additionally, under Professor Kurtulus Asiksari, the head emergency medicine department, they carried out modern ambulance service help and advanced cardiac trauma life support.

At a luncheon with the IUIU students, the host University Rector Professor Ihsan Karaman offered them a residential Postgraduate programme in medicine on scholarship at the University. He advised them to register membership with international medical humanitarian bodies like Doctors worldwide Turkey, Medicine san frontiers, the Red Crescent, Green Crescent among others so that they can create connections, exposure and gain worthwhile international experience.

The interns visited historical sites in Istanbul and other places within Turkey including the blue mosque, the Bosporus; a world historical geographical feature of the winding waterway that connects the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea in Turkey and a number of museums. They were treated to social dinners every after a session test as well as receiving gifts from university staff and students.

IUIU’s Dean, Faculty of Health Science, Dr Hakeem Sendagire noted that Habib Medical School is determined to produce doctors able to compete favourably and operate in any part of the world.

“Going through an interactive class and practical experience with medical experts and professors from first world countries will give these students confidence in their practice. It will put them at the level of students taught in advanced environments,” Dr Sendagire remarked.

He further revealed that it will be a regular practice that every team of completing students is rotationally posted to world class Universities including in United Kingdom, Nigeria, United Arabs Emirates, and Saudi Arabia for this kind of exposure before their graduation. The current group, also the maiden one is scheduled to graduate next year in-shaa Allah.