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IUIU Rector Heartens Students to Legalise Relationships if interested in one another.

  • 17th November, 2019 12:00am
  • 1 minute read

The Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda Dr. Ahmed Kaweesa Sengendo has advised students who feel attracted to each other to legalise their relationships instead of  having secret love affairs  at the campus.

Dr. Sengendo noted that such acts leads to fornication  which result into the expulsion of such students who engage in them out of the university blocking their journey of success in education which reduces their chances of success in life.

He explained that IUIU is built on the principles of Islam of which the Holy Quran strongly prohibits pre-marital sex. 

If you admire each other here at IUIU, you are free to go to the Dawah department and legalise your relationship other than fornicating which is totally against the Islamic teaching and IUIUs culture, he said.

He made these remarks while officiating the admission ceremony of new students(freshers) for the academic year 2019 - 2020 at the Universitys main campus in Mbale recently.

Students who will engage in such acts which are against the university rules and regulation and Islam will be discontinued once caught, he warned.

He advised the students to always endeavour to read the university rules and regulation so that they are free from offences that will cost them their study at the Islamic Institution.

 The University admitted over 1,638 students in different disciplines this academic year.