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  • 08th May, 2020 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

Students of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) through their Guild body, the Islamic University Students' Union (IUSU) have donated foodstuffs to the Journalists helping in the fight against the novel Corona Virus in the Eastern Region.

The donation was handed over to Journalists by the IUIU Guild President, H.E. Welunga Yusuf through the Mbale Deputy RDC, Ms. Lilian Nakawesi.

"As the procedure requires, through the district task force headed by the RDC, we handed over bags of rice, maize flour and bunches of bananas to be given to journalists from different media houses in Mbale” Welunga revealed.

The Guild President explained that they opted for Journalists because of the important role of reporting and sensitizing the community about covid-19.

“Behind the microphones, cameras, and papers are the journalists whose role cannot be neglected in the fight against Corona Virus” Welunga stated.

According to him, the media men and women risk their lives to bring information to the general public.

“As students of IUIU, through these small donations, we want to show journalists that we highly recognize their great job and encourage them to continue playing the fourth estate role” he added.

H.E Welunga further cited that journalists have in most cases either been considered last or left out when it comes to relief donation country wide yet their efforts are worthwhile.

While receiving the donation on behalf of the Journalists, the Mbale Deputy RDC Lilian Nakawesi commended the IUIU students Guild body and the University at large for such a great gesture.

“This is an exceptional gesture and I call upon all students’ leaders from other institutions to emulate what IUIU has done” Nakawesi happily stated.

The Deputy RDC noted that this act has not only created a good relationship between her and the IUIU students’ leaders, but also created an opportunity for her office to closely work together with the Institution.