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  • 20th May, 2020 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has donated items worth shillings 31 million to the COVID-19 National Task force of Uganda as its support to the country in the fight against COVID-19.

Among the items handed over by the University Rector Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo  to the Cabinet Minister in Charge of General Duties Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut on friday 22nd May 2020 include  5 sets of the final product of the Automated Hands-free Dispenser (AHfD), 200 Wearable 3D Face Shield, and 400 litres of Instant Hands Sanitizer.

The IUIU Rector, Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo explains that the AHfD prototype that was innovated in March 2020 was a research idea of two ICT students which the University saw as key to help fight the pandemic if fully developed.

These dispensers minimize contact with potentially contaminated surfaces during the hand sanitization process. The Rector resonated. Besides that, the AHfD minimizes water wastage significantly since the user draws only enough water required to wash their hands Dr Sengendo added.

Unlike the conventional hand-washing facilities that involve opening and closing of water taps, the AHfD employs an automated dispensing mechanism that utilizes proximity sensors to decide when to open or close the taps automatically.

In addition, the University also recently innovated the Wearable 3D Face Shield that is reusable and easy to clean or disinfect.

Dr. Sengendo explains that unlike the ordinary clothe masks, this specific one is very convenient to use because it allows in enough oxygen and big enough to protect the user from contracting the virus. The Wearable 3D Face shield is transparent enough but also hard enough to shield the user from any possible droplets carrying the coronavirus the Rector emphasized. The University management commends the Turkish government through TIKA foundation, that trained its staff in 3D printing, as well as donated the 3D printer and printing materials.

 Dr. Umar Yahya, an ICT expert and lecturer at IUIU explains that part of the face shield is 3D printed using PLA filament while the other which is fitted on to the 3D printed one is an A4 size flexible transparent PVC sheet.

Besides, the AHfD and wearable 3D face shield, the IUIU, through its department of pharmacology at IUIUs Habib Medical School located at Kampala Campus produce instant hand sanitizers, some of which will also be donated to the National Task Force.

The University has continuously developed a number of innovations from their Motion Analysis Research laboratory (MARL) located at its Kampala Campus including but not limited to; the Coin Counting Machine, the Automated Green House, Porthole Detector, among others.