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  • 10th November, 2020 12:00am
  • 3 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda is overwhelmingly saddened by the death of her former Vice Rector (in charge of Academic Affairs), Dr. Abdulnoor Anas Kaliisa, who served from 2004-2006. Dr. Kaliisa passed away on the 04th of November 2020; May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannat-ul Firdaus.

According to the Rector, Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo, late Kaliisa served both as Vice Rector in charge of Academic Affairs and later as Vice Rector in charge of Finance and Administration.

In his condolence message, Dr. Sengendo expressed sympathy to the entire family on behalf of the Management, staff and students of the Islamic University in Uganda for the loss of the great scholar.

“Dr. Kaliisa served as lecturer as well as a Vice Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda, “his contributions to IUIU are many and we pray to Allah to reward him most appropriately” the Rector prayed.

As a lecturer, Dr. Kaliisa taught and supervised students at both Bachelors and Masters level in the Faculties of Law and Islamic Studies and Arabic Language respectively.

According to Dr. Kasozi Idris, the current Deputy Dean Faculty of Law Kampala Campus, the late did not only teach at their faculty but also participated in curriculum development and other activities.

“Dr. Kaliisa helped the faculty with a number of activities; some of which include developing the Law curriculum, participated as a judge during the moot courts that were sponsored by the “Islamic Forum for International Humanitarian Law” (IFIHL)” Dr. Kasozi narrated.

One of his students, Dr. Abdul Hafiz Walusimbi says Dr. Kaliisa was his supervisor at both levels (Bachelors and Masters)

According to Dr. Walusimbi, Dr. Kaliisa was a very interesting teacher who would stimulate reasoning among his students.

“You would give a correct answer and back it up with a right Hadith but Dr. Kaliisa would challenge you just to stimulate reasoning and discussion among the students” Abdul Hafiz recalled.

This method of teaching according to Dr. Walusimbi helped students to gain confidence and have independent views about things without relying wholly on the old literature.

The late Dr. Kaliisa has served the Muslims of Uganda and humanity at large in various capacities. He once served as the Deputy Chief Khadhi of Uganda.

He is a former Director of the Institute of Research and Training, Managing Director House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda and also one of the leaders of Salaam Charity Foundation.

He was also the Secretary of the Eminent Council of Sheikhs of Uganda and Chairman Muslim Jurists Uganda.

Dr. Sulait Dauda Kabali, currently serving as the University Coordinator is one of late Kaliisa’s friend and an OB at Sseke Primary School, Bilal Islamic Institute then known as “Nadiwatul Ulama-Bwaise”, and Islamic University in Madinah. The late and Dr. Kabali also worked together at Bilal Islamic Institute, Islamic University of Uganda, and also participated in various projects together.

“Dr. Kaliisa was a very honest man who would directly tell you your faulty without hesitating or tongue twisting” Dr. Kabali explained. He added that the late was a selfless person who worked hard to promote Islam and Muslims at large. He further shared that Kaliisa established a media house and charity center to enable Muslim scholars to widely share knowledge with the Muslim Ummah and humanity at large.

“As much as Kaliisa was known for hard work, he never allowed anything to stress him. He would rather let it go” Kabali revealed.

The country has not only lost a public affairs commentator, great patron, counsellor, sheikh, but also a wonderful teacher as narrated by Dr. Abdul Hafiz and Dr. Kabali. May Allah admit him in Jannah.