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  • 13th January, 2021 12:00am
  • 4 minutes read

The former Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo has called upon his successor Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda to focus on and lead the University into achieving its development plans and goals.

Dr. Sengendo made the call recently during a farewell ceremony organized for him at the main campus  following his appointment to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) as the Assistant Secretary General  in charge of Economic Affairs.

The incoming rector Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda (right) hands a prayer mat as a gift to the Outgoing Rector Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo during the farewell

The incoming rector, Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda ( right) hands a paryer mat to the outgoing rector Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Sengendo as a gift during the farewell ceremony.

While delivering his speech during the ceremony to celebrate his 33 years of selfless service at the Islamic Institution which he has served at different capacities, Dr. Sengendo fervently stated that he has done his part and now hands over the mantle to his successor, Prof. Ismail Gyagenda who was on 29th Dec 2020 appointed by the University Council as the new Rector.

“I have spent almost half of my life at this noble institution and with Allah’s guidance and support from the IUIU staff and community that I have worked with since 1987 when I joined, I have managed to do what I could towards the growth of IUIU and it is now time for me to leave” Dr. Sengendo detailed.

The former rector who strongly believes that Prof Gyagenda is undoubtedly capable enough to steer the university into greater heights said that he will continue giving guidance whenever he is called upon  to not only the rector but also to other staff who may continue being in touch with him.

“I know and have worked with Gyagenda ever since we were students at Makerere University in the early1980s. he handed over to me the Chairmanship of Makerere University Muslim Students Association (MUMSA) which he had successfully pioneered. He then later joined me here at IUIU as the Vice-Rector Academic Affairs (VRAA), a position which he has greatly performed in, so his appointment into the university’s topmost office to me seems a right choice” the former rector revealed. 

Professor Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda has been replaced by Dr. Jamil Serwanda, the former Vice-chancellor of the Equator University of Science and Technology as the new IUIU VRAA.

In his maiden speech during the function, Prof Gyagenda expressed that it is impossible to survive in the ocean of tremendous success fulfilled by Dr Sengendo who joined the institution when he was just 29 years.

“Dr Sengendo Ahmad, I was your boss back at MUMSA and you have been my boss here at IUIU, but as I earlier said on Tuesday that after your missionary and dedicated service at IUIU for 33 years, only a fool would be trying to fill your shoes, I will try to make my own footprint. with the Assistance from a great team including Professor Abdul Kaziba Mpaata (the Vice-Rector Finance and Administration) and Dr. Jamir Serwanga, our new VRAA, this will be possible” Professor Gyagenda said. 

Gyagenda further commended the outgoing rector for mentoring him from the time they were students up to date and intreated for continuous guidance. He asked the IUIU staff to corporate with him and always correct him whenever they may think he is wrong.

"I promise to corporate with everyone in the university from the students, staff, support staff, and everyone and I know I may make a lot of mistakes but always will accept correction from the team," the rector said.

He also appreciated the people of Mbale City for working together with them for the development of the University.

The auspicious tribute was attended by different area Political, religious, and cultural leaders including the Mbale City Mayor Mafabi Mutwalibu Zandya, the former Inzu ya Masaba cultural leader the late Umukuka Sir Bob Mushikori, the Eastern Regional kadhi Dr. Ahmed Wandega and the Mbale Regional Police Commander Wesley Nganizi among others.


Professor Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda is a well-known Academician in Uganda and across the world. He attended Kabwohe Muslim Primary School, Mbarara High School for his O Levels, and St Mary’s Kisubi for his A levels.

Professor Gyagenda graduated from Makerere University in 1979 with a First-Class Bachelor of Arts Honors (Literature and Religious Studies), and a concurrent Diploma in Education. 

In 1987, Professor Gyagenda graduated from Yarmouk University, Jordan with a Master with Education in Teaching English as a foreign language. In the same year, Professor Gyagenda was part of the pioneer staff who started IUIU in Mbale where he was one of the male wardens and lecturer. 

From 1988-2016, Professor Gyagenda was in the United States of America where he obtained a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of District of Columbia, Washington DC in 1989. In 1999, the new IUIU Rector for the next five years obtained his Ph.D. in Educational Studies from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.