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IUIU is Set to Engage in Collaborative Research With University of Lahore

  • 15th September, 2023 9:03am
  • 1 minute read

IUIU is set to engage in collaborative research with the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) - University of Lahore.
This decision was made during an online meeting between thr Research Coordination Committee (RCC) - IUIU and the ORIC-UOL on September 12,  2023. The universities discussed the importance of monitoring research grant opportunities locally and globally, establishing collaborative research teams, effectively managing and promoting research policies, and arranging meetings between the Deans and HoDs IUIU and their UOL counterparts. 
Dr. Jamil Serwanga, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, who chaired the meeting at IUIU, highlighted that research contributes significantly to international university rankings and urged IUIU to prioritize good research practices, proper planning, and resource allocation. Dr. Jamil also emphasized the significance of collaborative research through signed MOUs, faculty publications, research promotion, and conference participation to maximize the benefits of the partnership between UOL and IUIU. 
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the Director of ORIC University of Lahore, in his presentation explained how ORIC serves as a central hub for facilitating collaborative networks, resource mobilization, leadership in intellectual property rights, and nurturing intellectual property. 
He also shared information about research support management services and funding opportunities at UOL, both nationally and internationally, which have greatly contributed to increased research and publication output. 
This meeting took place following a visit to Pakistan by the Rector of IUIU, Assoc. Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, along with the Vice Rector in charge of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jamil Serwanga, the ERP Manager, Mr. Hamza Sekalema, and the Coordinator of IUIU-COMSTECH activities, Mr. Dragule Swaib. 7th -13th December 2022.