The University Library is charged with the task of supporting all the academic programs of the University, through the provision of adequate, accurate and relevant information to support the learning, teaching and research process of the University.

The Library collection covers a vast range of disciplines and includes a wide array of formats – from books and journals to manuscripts, maps, among others. Increasingly our digital repository is accessible via the University’s intranet while other digital collections are accessible on the Internet via the library website, library catalogue, or direct searching from the internet.

Our library provides primary support to our entire academic and research initiatives with quality information resources. 


1. To strengthen IUIU Libraries' position as a flexible and responsive department capable of continual improvement and change 

2. To create a user experience that is high quality, consistent, and robust regardless of the user’s location, access method, or objective.

3. To facilitate the integration of information literacy and research skills into the curriculum to enhance academic success and lifelong learning.

4. To build a sustainable digital infrastructure needed to support expanding modes of research, teaching, and scholarly communication.

4. To establish processes and support structures that ensure the selection, acquisition, preservation, and provision of access to the full spectrum of Information materials.


All registered students and staff of the University are free to access the library services.

Special information request from the public to use the library services have to be authorized by the university Librarian. 

Both students and staff are expected to fill a library membership form available at the library.


Your Library accounts

As a registered student and staff of the University, you get access to a university ERP account. On the ERP account you can access the library portal where you can check your borrowing, track your account, reserve books, and get access to many other library services. 

Your registration number or Staff number is often your username. Please always change your password as soon as you access your account.

Always contact ICT for help with your University account. As soon as you have access to your university account, then you automatically get access to your Library account. 


Reference materials

The library has a good collection of Reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, year books, directories, catalogues, atlases, almanacs, handbooks, among others.

These reference works are read/ consulted only within the library. 

Books and Monographs

The library has a collection of about 100,000 books of multi-disciplinary coverage. These are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme. 

This classifies knowledge into 10 major classes with many sub-divisions to cater for the various divisions of knowledge


The library has in stock a number of good reputable journals, periodicals, and essential reports, magazines and news-papers among others.



Lending services

The library offers lending services to the registered members for a limited number of days depending on the number of copies available on a specific field

Reference works such as print Journals, research reports/dissertations, newspapers, are consulted only within the library 

Interlibrary loan / Referral services

Users requesting for publications/information not available in the library can be referred to specific relevant institutions elsewhere. The library has the collaborative arrangement with such institutions.

Through inter library loan arrangement; we can acquire rare publications available in other institutional libraries on behalf of our clientele.

 CAS-Current Awareness Services:

The Library exposes its clients to a wide variety of current affairs through provision of current newspapers, reports, news about major events, among others

 Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

The library can respond to the unique needs of its clients by providing various sources of data and information to support the research endeavors of clients in a compacted easy to use format  

Document Delivery Services:

Researchers can order for rare articles pertinent to their research needs through the University Librarian, who then links up with the suppliers of such information.

User Education/Training:

From time to time, the library orients its new clientele with skills and knowledge of how to use the Library’s resources both print and electronic. Training is offered both at individual and group levels. Groups of users can book or make an appointment for training of library use. The training mainly entails bibliographic instruction, information retrieval skills as well as shelf browsing following the DDC scheme.  

Our Vision

A state of art/ modern library service that meets the clients’ changing information needs on a sustainable basis

Our Mission

To enhance maximum availability and access to information resources to promote research, learning, teaching and community service endeavours.