The Islamic University in Uganda was opened in the year 1988 by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) under a bilateral agreement between the Government of Uganda (GOU) and the OIC.

In 1990, the Parliament of Uganda enacted a law, The Islamic University in Uganda Act (cap 131, Laws of Uganda), formally establishing the University in Uganda. The University operates under the framework of this Act.

The University opened on 10th February 1988 with 80 students and two degree programmes. Currently, it offers 91 programmes in 7 Faculties and has a student population of 10,000 coming from 21 different countries. The University has so far graduated over 27,000 students from various disciplines.

The University has a Centre for Postgraduate Studies and four campuses including the main Campus in Mbale. The University employs over 600 fulltime members of staff from 8 countries, and about 300 on part time basis.


I. Increased number of students from 2,682 in 2004 to now 10,000 coming from 21 countries.


II. The number of campuses has doubled from 1 to 4 including the first and only Females’ Campus in Uganda located at Kabojja.


III. Infrastructural development with modern buildings at the Main, Kampala and Females’ campuses.


IV. Improved learning facilities such as computers, books, science laboratory equipment, ICT equipment, etc, at all campuses.


V. Increased faculties and academic programmes such as Bachelor of Nursing Sciences, Bachelor of Biological science, Bachelor of Political Science, Master of Political science. The University is finalizing arrangements to start programmes in engineering with support from our Iinternational partners.


VI. The image of IUIU has significantly improved in the last 8 years. That is why the University is able to attract staff and students from many countries.


VII. The University has received several National and International awards including the 101 Fabulous Global Educational Institutions presented by World Education Congress.


VIII. The University has further established an innovation lab which has led to the increase of technological innovation some of which include Automated Hands-free Dispenser, Autonomous floor cleaner, Autonomous pothole mapping agent, Autonomous greenhouse, Wearable Assistive tool for the deaf and the blind, Anti-impersonation biometrics-system for examination management, coin sorting and counting machine, 3D face shield among others.


Since its inception, Islamic University in Uganda has so far had 29 Graduation ceremonies. The university has 4 campuses spread across the country. The main campus is located in Mbale City, Eastern Uganda. Other campuses are; Kampala Campus, located at Kibuli Hill, East of Kampala Capital City, The Females' campus Kabojja, West of Kampala Capital City and Arua campus in West Nile Region, Northern Uganda.