Posted: 27 August, 2021


The long awaited Master Plan of the Islamic University in Uganda Main Campus has finally been approved and is due to be launched to the general public.

The Master plan which was approved in the joint Management and Executive Board meeting presents a 15-year vision of the physical growth of IUIU Main Campus. According to Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi bin Ismail, the Vice-Chancellor Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, the Master plan encompasses the strategic frameworks for an inclusive and sustainable environment for the University’s Main Campus.

The Master plan envisions the Main Campus to evolve into a community oriented Edupolis that thrives from a healthy and dynamic integration of both internal and external IUIU communities. Besides that, it also envisions the campus to be a reference point for innovation as various science and technology driven initiatives have been catered for.

The new Master plan that was designed by the UTM was guided by seven principles; Islamic value; intensified service delivery in teaching and learning; promoting innovation driven environment; accessibility, connectability and community; uplifting image and identity;’ green campus; and diversifying wealth creation opportunity.

According to the final report, future development of the Master Plan would be implemented in three (3) phases of development; each phase assigned a period of five years, leading towards its full realization in 2035.