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IUIU Hosts Social Business Design Regional Competitions For Uganda

  • 13th March, 2023 4:04pm
  • 1 minute read

Islamic university in Uganda hosted the Business Competition for the Youth in eastern Uganda, held in Mbale at the main campus on Friday 10th march 2023.

The event was Organized by The Yunus Center, under its project “Ebizibu Buggaga”, targeting young people in the age group of 12 to 35 years.

The competition was held under the theme, social business, aimed at training the youth to solve social challenges in their communities by starting up challenge-solving enterprises focusing on the environment and ecosystem.

IUIU students dominated the event which was divided into two parts i.e., social business fiction, won by Nabende Mubarak, and social business design, won by Mbale waste management group also led by IUIU students.

In the social fiction business category; the 2nd runner-up was Mr Zia Adrian who bagged sh.250,000, the 1st runner-up was MS. Chebet Modesta who took sh.500,000, and the winner MR Nabende Mubarak took sh.1,000,000.

In the social business design, the Environmental and Eco System Empowerment, which took sh.1,000,000, the 1st runner-up was Budadiri Environmental Cleaners which took sh.1,000,000. The winner, Mbale waste management took sh.2,000,000.

According to one of the judges, Dr Musa Chemusto said the jury focused on the Clarity of the social challenge identified, Quality of intervention (service or product), Quality of Financial Sustainability Plan, understanding the environment and anticipation of challenges, Business continuity plan, Quality of pitch (Presentation) while awarding marks. 

Speaking at the event, Mr Daniel Ayebare, the project manager of ''Ebizibu Buggaga” explained that the youth should start looking at challenges as opportunities to create employment for themselves and the community.